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    Products do not show on the home page, it shows “Nothing Found Ready to publish your first post? Get started here.” If I go to the “Shop” page, I can see a gallery listing of all the products – but no images, just placeholders. I can also see the products in the back-end but again no images.

    I’ve tried a few things including unticking “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders” in media settings, as well as copying the images into month/year folders, changing/resaving permalinks and reinstalling from scratch.

    I don’t know if it’s relevant, but I do as much as possible from wp-cli, especially installation and configuration.

    Oops… although the file system has symlinks to the image files, I still have to upload files to the media library (Add Media, Upload Files) or they don’t show up in the library. So that’s now done, problem remains.

    If I edit the product and “Set Image”, the image still doesn’t show up on the product and of course it has no effect on any products showing up.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Support John Coy


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    Hi @apb1963,

    The issue could be caused by the product missing a product image or a result of a conflict with the active theme. As a first step confirm you have added a product image to the product as shown here:

    If this does not help the issue, Try switching back to a default theme like Twenty Seventeen or Storefront and disabling all plugins except for WooCommerce to see if this resolves the issue.

    Hope this helps,

    Hi @johndcoy

    Thanks for responding! Sorry for the delay and I’m not sure why, but I didn’t see a notification that someone (you) responded.

    Anyway, you were right in a sense as I was using a bad data file and it had no image references. So after feeding the importer a good data file, my images and everything else for all products show up on the product page on the back end, but not the front end – i.e. home page. I confirmed one of the individual product pages had the image set as you suggested. I should also note that the products with images do show up on the shop page. Are they supposed to show up on the home page? I thought they were.

    I’m using storefront as my active theme. I disabled the two other plugins I was using (table rate shipping and health check). No joy. You may not have been able to get to the web page before but I’ve fixed the cert issue so you can get to the site page noted above. The main site page (www.*) has yet to be addressed.

    Caleb Burks


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    I don’t think you have a page set to be the home page. See

    @icaleb Thanks for responding!

    I took a quick glance at that page just now, and I noticed it says “The Homepage template […] is the page template used […] by default on a fresh install for brand new stores.”

    So, that leaves me wondering why my freshly installed brand new store needs additional (apparently major) tweaking.

    I should note that 1) I’m using wp-cli for all things woo or wp and 2) this worked without any tweaking a few months back, prior to the last update. I don’t know if this is relevant. The one and only thing I did by GUI was the product and media imports as there wasn’t any choice that I’m aware of.

    As my site has been mostly down for these past months (though for reasons not related to anything woo), I can’t say that the update broke the site, just that I had it working properly at one time, I disabled the site for several months to work on other issues and recently rebuilt it from scratch (it’s scripted) and now here we are.

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    I found this just above the section that appears at the top of my page (i.e. I needed to scroll up above the homepage template section to see it):

    A fresh install of the Storefront theme will automatically perform the following actions for brand new stores with no products:

    Import example products
    Create a homepage with the Homepage template (described in the next section) and set it as the static landing page in WordPress settings
    Apply a full-width template to display the cart and checkout pages
    Remove default widgets so as to showcase the Storefront widgets

    It sounds like some or all of these actions did not occur. Has this ever been tested with wp-cli? I use “wp theme activate” and also “wp wc tool run install_pages” to create the default pages.

    I suppose it would be prudent to add that the wp wc tool run install_pages is new for me. Previously I was creating the shop pages through the wizard.

    As a test, I just purged & rebuilt the site, but instead of wp-cli to install the shop pages, I used the wizard. Oddly, I get “Unable to use image” for each imported product and nothing shows in the shop page nor anywhere including the back end. It would be nice if it said why it was unable to use the image to aid in debugging.

    In any event I rebuilt it a second time with “wp wc tool run install_pages” again instead of the wizard. Same issue “Unable to use image”. So I guess this is a new problem. I do use symlinks for the images. Could that be the problem?

    Caleb Burks


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    Right, so the default content will only be set up for you if you use the installation wizard. That will be missed if you do things manually via CLI

    As for images, are these the default demo product images, or ones in a custom CSV you’ve made? I’m not familiar with using symlinks for images, but that definitely sounds like the possible problem.


    Custom CSV. Images are in library and seem fine so I’m thinking it’s not the symlink that’s the issue. I was also able to find the wp media import command which helped reasonably nicely (although a bulk import option would be nice instead of calling wp for each image).

    Also, do I have to copy them to the uploads dir, or is that what the wp media import does for me? If so, I can get rid of the symlink as it wouldn’t be needed.

    A symlink, short for “symbolic link” is just a pointer to a file residing elsewhere. The link itself is a file that contains text with the other dir. In Windows it would be called a shortcut.


    Found this:

    I’ll look into that. However, I also noticed there are no images in the uploads dir (or subdirs) for reasons unknown. So, that’s something I need to look into as well.

    I’ll start a new topic if the problem remains once I fix these issues.

    Thanks all!

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