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  • Hi I am having an issue with shop by categories in woocommerce on a client’s site. They have 2 categories – A category called Chocolate Strawberries and A category called Chocolate Fruit, they want the Chocolate Strawberries to show up under both categories, so I marked both categories under all strawberry products. The other Chocolate Fruit items they want to ONLY show up under Chocolate Fruit NOT the Chocolate Strawberries category – however the other Chocolate Fruit items are showing up under Chocolate Strawberry Category.

    I have made sure the Strawberry products have both the Chocolate Fruit AND Chocolate Strawberries selected in the Product details page, and I have ALSO made sure that the other chocolate Fruit (i.e. Chocolate covered Apricots) Are have ONLY the Chocolate Fruit category selected in the Category area for that particular product – however somehow, the Chocolate Apricots are showing up under the Chocolate Strawberry Category when I select Shop By Category CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRIES. I double and triple checked that the non-strawberry products ONLY have the CHOCOLATE FRUIT selected, they definitly are not linked to the Strawberry category. SO how are the Chocolate Fruit items showing up under Chocolate Strawberries if they are not connected to that category??

    Can anyone please help me figure this out? Thanks!

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  • Roy Ho


    This would be extremely difficult to help you without seeing your setup. However I am suspecting it is a simple oversight.

    I suspected that too but i have gone over and over it – how can I post a screen shot?

    I have double checked the strawberry category and it says that ONLY 5 items are linked to it which is correct – but the page shows 12 – on the shop by category page – so that makes me think that it’s a glitch or something funky going on.

    Roy Ho


    Well don’t forget if you’re on the base shop page, it WILL show all items regardless of categories.

    I am not too familiar with Woocommerce – just learning it – I did not set the store up, just managing it and editing it – can you please explain that further or point me in the direction to understand what a base shop page is, etc. Thanks!

    Does it make a difference if I KNOW I am on a SHOP BY CATEGORY Page – that isn’t a ‘shop base page’ is it?

    Roy Ho


    It would be best if you could supply screenshots…You can link them here…

    where? I do not see a link or an attached option

    Roy Ho


    again you link it here…host it somewhere else…

    Sorry I thought you were saying there was an ‘attachment’ option – Here are screen shots of both the page that should ONLY have strawberries on it and a category page screen shot.

    Roy Ho


    Several questions

    1. are you using shortcode to display this or using a normal category page?

    2. Have you tried flushing your permalinks?

    3. Do you have any other pages/blog categories with the same name as your strawberry category even if they’re in the trash?

    1. I don’t know – I don’t think so – but can you tell me where to look to confirm this?

    2. Yes – this did not do anything

    3. No

    HELP – can anyone else assist me with this?

    Did you ever get this fixed? I’m having the same issue.

    Hi slim87gt

    NO – I did not get it fixed. I am glad you posted – nobody seems to be able to help and as you can see – only one person took a stab at it. I inherited the website and the previous web designer chose WooCommerce…I am learning I may never use it for any ecommerce site I create in the future – their support SUCKS! 🙁

    I just added some new items – for a new category recently and I had some glitchy issues with those too, however I noticed if i added the product THEN the category, it messed up, but when I added the category first, then the product, it worked – at least for the one product I had an issue with.

    But I have not had a chance to delete all the products that I am having issue with and then creating the category and then reloading back all the products and THEN assign them to the category, but that is only a guess/theory and is what I may do next. Let me know if you have any luck.

    Also – if you could explain to me what your issue is – maybe I can see some similarities/differences and it might shed some light. Two heads are better than one! 🙂 Thanks!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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