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    I just recently had to upgrade to 3.7.1 and install a new theme to a site. As a result, I upgraded the WP e-commerce plugin so that everything would be 100% up to date. The cart still works great and everything as far as transactions appears to be running smoothly. However, I have a couple of problems with the shortcodes.

    One is the add to cart buttons. When clicked, they don’t appear to be doing anything…

    I tried checking to see if I had multiple versions of jquery running as many troubleshooting answers pointed to this being the solution to this problem yet I don’t believe there are multiple verions being loaded. The item loads, but the cart is not refreshed nor is any redirect ever triggered so it appears to the user that nothing has happened until a different page is clicked, in essence refreshing the cart.

    The productspage shortcode appears to be having issues as well…

    Items look to be loading but never do and when a button is clicked, a loading message appears but then goes away.

    The wpsc_products shortcode is having a similar issue…

    These things were all working prior to the upgrade and now are not functioning. I will start testing plugins and the theme to see what could be the issue, but figured I’d start a thread so once I am able to hunt down any potential culprits, I can post them here. But if anyone knows what the issue is already, please let me know because I would like to get this fixed asap.

    I am using WP 3.7.1, WPEC, Gold Cart


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  • I have turned everything off on my WP install, the theme, the plugins, all but just a bare bones 2013 theme and the WPEC and Gold Cart and pretty much get the same results. The only thing that was solved was the spinning load icons on the productpage listings go away when I disable the theme, but that’s a minor thing. I’m more concerned with the cart not refreshing.

    Is it not a built in function to refresh the page when the add to cart button is clicked or to have the cart widget update on the fly? If not, are there any workarounds for this? I’d even be fine with re-directing to the checkout page after the add to cart is clicked. I’ve turned on Fancy notifications, but all that seems to do is say Loading after the button is clicked and then does/says nothing after that.


    Well, the major issue is now fixed. It seems a file or two may have been corrupted or not updated in the plugin, so I was able to fix it by just re-installing the wp-ecommerce plugin. Now the only issue is the spinning gifs when a product shortcode is loaded.

    The spinner appears to be caused by the theme I am using. It’s Grand College from Good Layers

    I will start focusing on this issue now that the major problem is sorted out. I will continue to post any findings here, in case it helps anyone else in the future.


    The spinning gif issue appears to be something to do with the visibility:none tag that is placed on the wpsc_loading_animation class. The theme I am using is doing something to cancel that out. If I add an additional tag to set the display:none then the animation remains hidden. However, just having visibility:none does not seem to hide the spinner. I will need to dig deeper to see if it’s a jquery script that’s causing the issue or something else, but for now I’ve hidden the spinner using the display:none style.


    @ wilhud

    Did you get this resolved?

    Seeing spinners usually mean a theme problem. If this problem persists with the default WordPress theme then you probably need to switch to a different theme. Otherwise please try the latest 3.8.13 release to see if that fixes things.




    Has the forever spinning “Add to Cart” issue ever been resolved.

    I have the issue (after upgrading to the latest WPEC ( I have tried every conceivable suggestion after hours of searching.

    1). jQuery is only loaded once.
    2). Disabled all other plugins except WPEC
    3). Tried different themes (2010, 2012, 2013)
    4). Toggled shipping settings

    Nothing seems to work. THis problem seems ubiquitous and I am amazed that there is no fix.

    If I revert back to an earlier version of WPEC (3.8.3) the spinning issue is fixed but I get other errors due to incomaptibility with the latest version of WordPress.

    Plugin Author Mihai


    Can you post a website url so we can take a look?



    Hello Mihai.

    The new ‘test’ version (with the above problem) is in a folder called /new/

    not all the menu items map correctly to the /new/ folder – so keep this in mind – this is just a test bed. The old version of the shopping cart i the root domain works fine.

    Plugin Author Mihai


    Just by loading the store i see 2 javascript errors:

    The top one seems to try to load a js file from the url:

    Which if you open it in the browser is not working.
    Even when you try to load up:

    notice how it adds ‘/’ before the ?.
    Try disabling the slimbox plugin and all other plugins besides WPEC.



    Mihai first of all thank you for the time you are taking to help.

    I had tried disabling all plugins except WPEC earlier to no avail. I just did it again and still have a spinning icon.

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