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  • i have added product variations with different prices for each. How ever when they are selected from the drop down box on the product page the price of the product doesnt change. Also in the shopping cart the product SKU doesnt show or give the name of the variation you are ordering?


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  • Any suggestions??

    Here is an example on the development version of the site.

    Hey jrd6mm..

    This i believe is becuase one of your variations is incorrect. i have seen this issue myself when i have not entered product details correct.. or i havnt set all available variations correctly.

    Do you understand what i mean?

    btw, are you the supplier of these items? id love to order a few coal hats 🙂

    You need to setup an attribute firts.. (which appears to have been done)
    Then you need to setup the variations (Make sure you are entering the correct info all the revelant fields for the attribute..

    Thne save and try again..

    If you have any cacheing plugins enabled.. disable for temp.. and test…

    If still not working., can you provide the following info..

    WP version
    Woo Version

    Another thing you can to to eliminate and isolate issue is to enable the default WP 2012 theme and then test.. If it works then the problem is theme…

    More than likely its a theme issue with possibly a jquery version conflict… try chsanging to basic theme.. to confirm the same

    I have a SKU for each variant, and an individual price for them as well.

    The parent product has no price as it can not be purchased (from this site anyway) as a whole, it is only the individual parts customers can buy as replacements.

    WordPress version is 3.5
    Woo Commerce version is 1.6.6

    @samueljeden – I dont supply them myself but the company the site is for does, i can put you in touch if you wanted.


    I just tried changing to the wordpress standard theme and the problem still occurs.


    yes this is definitley not theme related…

    can you do the following….

    go into your variations options and expand all, and take screenshots for me :)..
    post them here or email me samuel.eden[at]

    and ill point you in the right direction 🙂

    Here is a link to the screen shot.


    @jrd9mm – just as i thought..

    this is where your problem lies..

    See where it states Any Part… <- in the dropdown box.. next to the variation id.

    These need to be set to the corresponding attributes/variations 😉

    cool, thank you. That makes sense. I was using the CSV importer to bring all the products in to woo commerce in one go so must have missed a field or something.

    Thanks again!




    Im having kind of like the same problem, after creating variations im not able to select one of them or assign quantity. Im working local so i cant give you url but i can give you screenshots, as far as i know everything is set fine.

    Thanks in advance.

    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3



    Sorry, my website is in Dutch, hope you can still manage to find the problem

    I am having the same problem with the add to cart button not showing after selecting a variable option. The price does not update either.

    All my variables are enabled and prices filled. Attributes are set and working for variables to be created but still no add to cart button shows.

    Firebug in Firefox reports that I have a javascript problem and that there is something undefined.

    t.product_variations is undefined

    Any one else have that problem and know how to fix it as I am sure this is the problem.

    I am using the latest version of WooCommerce 2.0.13

    Product with variable options:

    Look forward to your responses.



    You’ve got a JS error on the page, pointing at devicepx.js . The price won’t show until you clear the error…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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