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  • WC 2.0.5 (not updating until I have the money to pay someone to fix the errors that will happen after the update)

    Updating an existing product.
    Modified the Short Description.
    Product already had variants.
    Deleted all variations for the products using the Bulk Edit option. Removed some of the Attributes and replaced them with new ones.
    There are 4 attributes that are used for variations.
    Saved Variations.
    Saved product.
    Individually added new Variations, 2 at a time.
    Modified the variations as needed.
    Repeated adding until I had all I needed for this product, a total of 50 variations.

    Saved product.
    Short Description was not saved. It reverted.
    Went back to variations and half of them were listed as Any (attribute name), the photos attached to them were blank, the part numbers blank, the prices and stock blank.

    I then exported the variations file using CSV Import Suite plug-in.
    Modified the file.
    Merged the file.
    No errors from system.
    Not every variation was enabled so I bulk enabled.
    Saved product.
    Checked again, now photos and MSRP are missing on some.
    Modified and saved but it won’t save the updated information.

    I’ve been working on adding and updating products for 2 weeks and not had this issue before. Granted most other products didn’t have 50 variations. My hosting package is VPS and shouldn’t be an issue on the server.

    I’ve restarted Firefox. I’ve cleared the Cache. Still won’t save.

    This is becoming so much of a pain I wish I had stayed with my previous host so make this right and show me changing over was worth it. Please.

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  • This is happening on another product.

    I added about 5-10 variations, all with different part numbers, stock, prices, photos, saved.

    Added more. Saved.

    Added another 5 or 6, saved.

    Now half of the variations I already saved are back to blank. No attributes selected, no SKU, no stock, no prices, no photos, nothing.

    The 2 products I’m having issues with have around 50-70 variants each. Please help me.

    i have the same a problem.
    Woocommerce not import more 50 product variation. there is a php modification? or impossible?

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