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    I’ve set product variables for my products with changing prices depending which variable is selected.
    Since the woocommerce update, these variables are no longer working, i.e. the prices DO NOT change when you select different variables!

    Any fix to this?? This is crucial for my business!

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  • sorry to bump, but is anyone else experiencing this same problem?
    I’m at a loss as to what to do….

    url? Have you checked using chrome or firefox with firebug for a js error?


    testing on WP 3.6 and WOO 2.0.19 and it works for me


    • regular price 278kč
    • Variation “Modrá” AND “XL” shows 378kč

    Thank for your responses, guys! much appreciated!

    Are you able to check, the url is:

    This happens on all product pages and the strange thing is that if you click on another variable besides ‘Size’ the price changes, but with the ‘size’ is doesn’t change…
    (it should change on “custom (+15%)” size)

    Any ideas why this could be?


    What version of WP do You have?

    I can’t simulate it on my shop. The only moment when the price isn’t changing at all is when the variable have the price same as the other.

    1.Try to set price in variable “Custom” on zero…and the product page should be something like “From free” (now you have from 3500$) – that way you’ll know the system see the price for this variable.

    2. try to “buy” few variables, just to see if different variables shows in order.

    mkalinska – thank you for all your help! 😀
    I’ve realised that since some recent woocommerce updates, the configuration settings must have changed!

    I’ve tried to test it like you said and it turns out I did not set all the variations for the sizes – i.e. I should have set the prices for every single size variation (even though the price only changes for “custom”).

    Not sure why it seemed to work fine before…so I guess I’ll need to change all the products now.. :-/

    Thank you so much & have a great day! :-)))

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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