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  • My Product thumbnail image size in Woocommerce in Twenty Fourteen Theme is small just 105px each, I have tried increasing the thumbnail to 200px but nothing happens, I have also tried taking out a column reducing from 4 to 3 or even 2.

    The whole thing seem constricted by the overall width allowed, I have look in Twenty Fourteen style.css and found a few items in size around the overall 4 column width of 474px and I have tried increasing these but nothing happens. It seem there is an overall width restriction, but which isn’t there on a normal blog page, just on woocommerce pages.

    I’ve looked in Firefox with Figbug but can’t find anything.

    The template works well on my smartphone when it’s in 2 columns.

    Does anyone know what controls this?

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  • If it’s any help please see the site

    Well no one helped.
    But leaving it a week and looking with a fresh set of eyes I found the right 474px to fix. it was in:

    .tfwc{padding:12px 10px 0;max-width:474px;margin:0
    I changed to:
    .tfwc{padding:12px 10px 0;max-width:774px;margin:0

    Now whether correcting that file was right or not, it worked.
    Will I have to do it again after an update?
    Should I have entered code some where else?
    In a custom file perhaps?

    OK, it happen I updated WooCommerce and lost the size change and had to go in again and change it.

    I’ve tried putting it into my child theme’s style.css but that didn’t work

    (This is the full line)
    .tfwc{padding:12px 10px 0;max-width:774px;margin:0 auto}

    Where should I put this so I don’t have to update this every time I update Woocommerce?

    I have this same problem. I have changed my product page to 80% width but the blog pages and also the shopping cart etc. didn’t change with this. I can change it manually like PlantEmporium did but that is no real solution for me. What does my child page (twenty fourteen) need to have implemented to change only the blog pages?

    Must be a problem more people have? Why can’t i find it just like all my other problems?

    Please who can help us with this?

    You must have a backup of every edited files, ever. After each update, just upload all your edited files to replace them to its foulders and everything will be as you done before.
    Each single website must have a folder with all the original files you edited and their corresponding edited. Than updates will be not a nightmare anymore.
    I hope this has been useful for you guys.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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