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    I recently had some reviews placed on products on my WooCommerce site (latest version of WC and WP 4.7.3) and on the shop and category pages the stars that are placed under the product images are showing as five S’s (letter S) instead of the stars.
    On the single product pages the stars show correctly.
    This is driving me *crazy* because it makes the site look broken.
    I can not find any fix after hours of searching.
    I found “replacement files” on StackOverflow, uploaded those and still no change.
    If anyone can help or point me in the direction of a fix it will be greatly appreciated!

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  • Hello @doktorgonzo,

    The stars are being loaded from custom fonts. So this could happen due to plugin or theme conflict.

    Did you update something recently?

    Haven’t updated anything, just a few new reviews were posted.

    Please deactivate all the plugins except WooCommerce and switch to a default theme and check if that helps

    went through that nightmare already lol…I like to think of myself as “experienced” and try not to post in the support forums unless I’m ready to dive out a window…I tried everything I could find plus all the usual stuff…
    they stars weren’t showing at all on the desktop.
    when I checked on my phone some showed and some didn’t, which made me really think I was crazy…now I’m back to all S’s again instead of stars…

    in Chrome I “inspected” the S’s and it said “Failed to load resources:the server responded with an status of 404. star.woff/star.ttf”
    thank you for your help too, I appreciate it….

    I apologize for not asking beforehand about checking conflict.

    Please share the page URLs that have the issue.

    If I would face such issue, I would check-

    1. If the font file is on the specified location.
    2. The file and folder permission.
    3. Check if the SSL certificate is working correctly.
    4. If I am using and CDN, I would check if there is any issue with resource delivery.
    5. Try replacing the plugin.

    The URL’s and that are showing the yellow S’s…the stars do show on the single product page.

    I’m not using a reviews plugin, just the stock/default reviews with WooCommerce.

    I have found the font file on the specified location. So there is no issue with file permission.

    So the only way I see right now is contacting the theme vendor. Did you check the issue with any other theme? Like Storefront or any other default theme of WordPress?

    Yeah I tried everything I can think of, no luck at all.
    I replaced the two star.woff & star.ttf files with ones that were supposed to fix it but no luck.

    The stars work on the product page so the font file is OK.

    It looks like you are using the ShopIsle theme. The stars on the theme demo shop page are good. Please check that you have the latest version of the theme.

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    I fixed the issue.
    There was no “/themes/plugins/woocommerce/assets/fonts” directory in the theme files for some reason.
    Since just the two star files were missing I created the directory and uploaded the two star.ttf and star.eoff files and the stars now show where they’re supposed to.

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