• I have enabled a feature “Product List Radius Search”, Now 3 Vendors are selling the same linked product with different prices

    Seller 1 – Rs. 150 ( 5 KM Away)
    Seller 2 – Rs. 175 ( 3 KM Away)
    Seller 3 – Rs. 190 (1 KM Away)

    Now unfortunately that product is not showing to the customer around 1-2 KM radius because Seller 3 is selling at higher price and your system shows that product if price is lowest

    Due to this seller 3 is even though selling that product is loosing the sales.

    Ideally seller 3 product should be displayed to the user in 1-2 KM radius even though he is selling at higher price and then it is up to the customer whether he wanted to buy from nearest location or go for longer distance to buy at lowest price

    Please suggest the suitable solution/Update/Script at earliest.

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