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  • I am scratching my head here with this one.

    I was having the issue of wordpress + woocommerce where when i update a product (or even a post/page) it would take 30-40 seconds for the product/post/page to save and publish.

    I deactivated ALL plugins except woocommerce. This did nothing at all.

    So i checked my wp_memory_limit and it was set at 256mb and i know thats more than enough.

    So i started to investigate the .htaccess file in the main WP install folder where wp-config is and other main files.

    I renamed the .htaccess file to .htaccess.bak (so it would not be active but still there if i needed it) and my problem solved itself. Products/Pages/Posts now save and publish in under 3 seconds.

    Ok so a corrupted .htaccess file i thought.

    So i created a new .htaccess file that was blank and uploaded it.

    Problem returned and now takes 40 seconds to publish products/pages etc.

    What in the world is going on here. Please help, i am going insane. Website front end loads instantly. Other admin areas load instantly. All pages load in under 2 seconds but publishing takes 40 some seconds and i am going insane. I know its not a server resource issue as disabling the htaccess file allows the publishing to complete in under 3 seconds.

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