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  • Ok this is a long one

    I have one product ( lets say flowers)
    and I want to be able to sell any number of other items with it. ( lets say 5)
    So each of these 5 ( 2 choiced in each of these – Like small or large) other products can be sold in any combination.
    So I can buy just the flowers by themselves.
    or Flowers and 1 or any number of other options. But each other option has a choice too
    So flowers and chccolate. (Small or large)
    Flowers and choc and / or wine ( red or white)
    Flowers and Toy and or wine or choc or one of each ( each with small or large, red or white)

    I have tryed all sorts of combinations but can NEVER get the price to show and update unless I actually add a Flowers and NO WINE or NO Chocolate or NO TOY as an Attribute.

    Tried to use Grouping but these extra products show as individual items to buy which they can be sold individually.

    If I use the NO Toy or NO Wine attribute and set that to be the default, then I have to use the “Copy to a new draft’ to make a NEW Product with the same options but then go and change each and every price for All Variations.

    Is there a better way to do it.

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  • I think the behavior you describe is what I’d expect. If one of the attributes is not selected, then the product is indeterminate and cannot have a price. So I think you do need a “No —” as one of the attribute options.

    I am not clear, are you using 3 separate attributes for wine, chocolate and toy. Not one attribute list with all the permutations.

    It should be possible to use the “link all variations” button to auto create all the permutations.

    For less variations, you might for example, sell the wine separately, with the note “only valid with a flowers order”. This could be in the flowers cross-sell list.

    Hey thanks

    Yes I am using an attribute for Wine ( with 2 permutations, Red and white) and an attribute for chccolate. (Small or large)
    and a 3rd attribute for Toy ( each with small or large)

    any at any time the customer should be able to buy any one or all of these items ( wine. Choc or Toy) the a bunch of flowers.

    OK, sounds like no wine, no chocolate and no toy are options, so each attribute needs 3 variations, that’s 27 altogether for just one flowers option.

    You might consider preparing your products in a spreadsheet and importing them using a plugin like this.

    But if I have 200 products ( flowers) then that i a set of 27 ( in fact there is more like 144) I have to do for Each product.
    Thats a s… load of work for one product..

    Surely there is a better way.

    Where are the WooCommerce guys to answer this??

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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