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    Hi, i’d like to start by saying it’s a great plugin, but I can’t seem to see anywhere to input a price for my products?

    Here is a screenshot of wp-admin for amending / adding products – sorry if i’m being dim but i can’t see anywhere for adding a price?

    Any help on this would be much appreciated – if it helps I don’t think either of the functions in the db-settings.php are being called as there are no new tables in my db since installing the plugin. I can probably make an input which will put a price into posts_meta for that product id etc if needs be, am i best off just doing this?

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  • You could use the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin to add a custom field for the price on the product page.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander



    Sorry, I’m afraid this plugin does not have a price field. It’s not an eCommerce plugin, it’s just a catalogue for displaying the products.

    Out of interest (because I’m always keen to improve the plugin), do you want the price field just so users can get an idea of price, or were you actually wanting full eCommerce ability?

    @red Fern Creative
    Yep that would work.

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Actually update on this: I checked it and it would be fairly easy to add a price field which displays if filled, removed if not filled. So I’ll add this to the plugin and release an update in a few days.

    Thanks for your ideas guys – always good to keep the plugin moving forward

    Thanks for getting back to me but are you sure this plugin was never built with this in mind??

    The only reason I ask is because in the db-settings.php file that comes with the plugin is the following

    $sql = "CREATE TABLE " . $wpc_product_table . " (
                  <code>id</code> INT( 9 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY,
    			  <code>list_order</code> INT( 9 ) NOT NULL,
                  <code>product_title</code> TEXT NOT NULL,
    			  <code>product_desc</code> TEXT NOT NULL,
    			  <code>product_summary</code> TEXT NOT NULL,
    			  <code>product_featured</code> TEXT NOT NULL,
    			  <code>product_cats</code> TEXT NOT NULL,
    			  <code>product_img1</code> TEXT NOT NULL,
    			  <code>product_img2</code> TEXT NOT NULL,
    			  <code>product_img3</code> TEXT NOT NULL,
    			  <code>product_price</code> TEXT NOT NULL,
    			  <code>product_date</code> TEXT NOT NULL,
                  UNIQUE KEY id (id)

    And also in the file ‘wpc-catalogue.php’ is the line

    $price = get_post_meta(get_the_id(),'product_price',true);

    Or did you amend another plugin to achieve the result we have here?

    In either case I can make the adjustments necessary to store a price for each product I was just confused because it seemed as though I should already be able to, would you like me to post my code when I’ve done it?

    Thanks again for this plugin by the way if the business i’m incorporating it into does any business i’ll be sure to donate 😉

    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    haha yeah both actually. I use Shopp plugin for all our eCommerce sites but it has long frustrated me that you can’t just disable the eCommerce elements and use it as a plain catalogue so I built this plugin, using some ideas and code from Shopp plugin. I did also have in mind that potentially in the future this plugin WP Catalogue could include a premium module to convert it to a simplified eCommerce system, or at least be able to import/export to and from Shopp.

    Feel free to have a play with the code and if you’re happy to share your results yeah definitely send me a note –


    Plugin Author Maeve Lander


    Ok just want to report back here that version 1.4 has just been released with a Price field option.

    You can add price for each product, or if you leave it blank it will not display on the front end. You can have some products with a price, other’s blank… and it is just a plain text field so you can put POA or other text in the field if you want.

    Hope this helps users 🙂

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