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    Hi, I have a couple of problems when adding product parameters (Size and Color).

    If I’m on the Edit Product page, and then try to Add New Parameter, it will not save, the graphic just keeps spinning.

    If I do it from the Manage Product Parameters page however, it will usually save, but is very temperamental – often it will say Failed and I cannot work out why. It seems to be a bit better if I first fill in the Label, HTML Type, choose the Product to apply it to, save it, and *then* fill in the actual Size & Color parameters afterwards and save again. Very strange!

    The second problem is I will have around 1000+ products, and each product will have different options – some products will come in sizes S, M, & L, others are only in size S, etc. Each product comes in a choice of 1-4 colors or so. Because of this, I will usually need to create new parameters for every individual product rather than applying them to a whole group of products or category.
    With so many products, this means that the Product Fields page is becoming very long. When I need to go back and edit the Size/Colour parameters for a particular product, it will take me a long time to find which row on the list is the one applied to the product I’m looking for. Is there a way to edit the ‘Code(Meta Key)’ field for parameters? That way I would be able to name it something like ‘Mens_BlahBlah_Shirt_Colour’ which would make finding and adding/editing parameters much easier.

    I hope that makes sense, sorry if it’s a bit wordy! Thanks!

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    I’m sorry for the late answer, we were working on the new release.

    For the first question, please try new version of the plugin we try to fix that bug.

    For the second question:
    1. When you add any extra option, you can specify the products or categories you want to add them

    2. You can manage all extra options through the Options -> Product Fields section.
    There’re ID and Code (Meta Key) for every parameter. But you can’t edit or search through that fields.

    Do you need an option for editing and searching ID and Meta Key?

    Hi, many thanks for your help, I will try the new version.

    I understand that I can apply the options to multiple products/categories, but because each product will have different colours or only certain sizes, in my case I would need to create new options for almost every product.

    It would be ideal to have an option to edit/search meta keys. For example, I have a t-shirt that comes in 2 colours. If I wanted to add in a 3rd colour option in the future, finding the relevant Product Field for that product amongst 1000 other Product Fields would take a very long time!

    Thanks again for your help.

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    You can try Ready! Search widget that is build-in Ready! Free version plugin.


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    Hi Alexey,

    Sorry, but this has not been solved unfortunately. The Ready! Search widget has nothing to do with the problem described, as far as I can see (editing/searching Meta Keys that belong to a particular product, within the ‘Product Fields’ tab, when there is a large number of products & options)

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    So, search widget not allow to search with Product Fields criteria?

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