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  • Hello people,

    Im not sure if I should be posting here or on the main WP forums, but as this is related to woocommerce products, and the fact that WP forum is a nightmare to navigate I thought I’d coe straight to the organ grinders 😉

    I think my question is a simple one, all I want to do is make my woocommerce products page (/shop) full width in order to accommodate a pricing table I am wanting to use and hook into woocommerce, with the help of this tutorial

    I have made a custom template page and edited it to display the full width of my page, and when attaching this template to a new page (a test page) if works fine, but when attaching it to the /shop page is does nothing!

    Could you guys tell me where / which page to edit to help me achieve this? It is just the product list page, not the single product page, as with the pricing table I will use there will not be individual product pages.
    Also, tweeking my other pages I have be diving into .css code, but I do not see a css file in the woocommerce plugin. Whats the deal there?

    Sorry for the length of this message, I know you are busy people.

    If you have help me out and point me in the rigth direction it would be very much appreciated.


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