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  • First off, thank you for the excellent plug-in! It works great!

    I have one issue:

    On my product pages the product images align top hard left while the title and text align hard right starting AFTER the image.

    This leaves a huge white area to the right of the images, then an even bigger white area to the left of the text and all the way down the page. the text is all jammed over to the right.


    I’m using the standard Twenty Ten theme so am baffled as Woocommerce claims full compatibility with this theme.

    Can you please provide me with some assistance on this?

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  • Roy Ho


    Compatibility means in function and not necessarily styling. Because there is no telling how you setup your content for WC to accommodate every type of situations. Looking at your site, you just need to adjust the CSS in terms of the left and right side containers.

    Also if you’re going to be using a default theme, I would recommend 2012 instead of 2010.

    What code do I need to add?

    Which CSS file? Twenty Ten style.css?

    Or are you referring to the Woocommerce css? (Which is one giant blog of a mess even using Wordwrap).

    Thanks a lot for your help! 😀

    Roy Ho


    Add something like this at the end of your theme style.css

    .product .entry-summary { clear:none; }

    If that is doesn’t work “not specific enough”, then use this:

    .product .entry-summary { clear:none !important; }


    ps- Would be cool to have the text “wrap” after it clears the image, but I’ll settle for this any day!

    Thanks so much. Had the same problem, found so many “solutions” that were not working for Twenty Ten and this simple line just solved it. You DO rock!

    Hi Guys. I seem to be having the same problem, when i updated woocommerce, my single product image became huge and pushed all my text below. I fixed the image, but the bounding box(whatever it’s call) stayed the same & still there. Leaving a white gap next to my smaller image. When I move my mouse over the white area it shows the images description. It also affected my shop page images.

    Here is my Website: Nuleaf Tea Co.

    How did you fix it? I entered the above code, but maybe i entered it in wrong. Can you give me the before & after code to?

    I can’t seem to fix the problem too even after inserting the codes.. Please see here:

    I’m at my wits end. Can anyone please advise what to do? Cheers.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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