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  • In the PDF Invoices module the product lines print on the invoice with small-font meta data below them (eg. “_reduced_stock_by_2”, etc). Not a professional appearance.

    The setting to have/not have this meta showing is in the “advanced” tab of said module, but checking/unchecking has no effect.

    The hack to fix this is by changing “yes” to “no” on line 55 in this file:


    However, every week or so when there’s an update this gets blown away and we have to hack it again.

    Any advice is appreciated.

    Latest version of everything, and yes I tried disabling all other plugins.

    This is in the paid version of the plugin, and invariably Booster Support will jump on here soon with ironically-availble support staff only to comment that this forum is only for issues with the free version. Probably they’ll close the thread.

    Rest assured I’ve tried many, many times reporting this and other issues at > Support. After 3 months I’ve come to see they don’t solve anything and don’t reply.

    Their support page winges on about “we’re so overwhelmed” and it’s a simple contact form with no record of previous tickets submitted or their status.

    One time on one issue I got a “thanks for your ticket, we’re working on it” message from “Kris”, and another time on an issue my site reported that “Rokas” had logged in about a week later with admin creds I gave (for a few minutes) but nothing got done and I never heard anything back.

    Therefore, this support forum appears to be the only possible means to solve issues, relying on better minds in the wp/woo communities than mine, who may have similar problems with this otherwise great plugin.

    Despite a half dozen things not working, this plugin has hundreds of great features and literally took the place of 5 or 6 other separate plugins slowing down the site. It’s not cheap, but well worth the money. The popularity and price leads me to guess the company is doing well, which makes the conspicuous lack of support for it’s paid “Plus” version that much more frustrating.

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    Update (or lack thereof) … I’m bac to getting goofy meta text like “_reduced_stock: 1” under each product line on pdf invoices.

    Looks like another Booster update blew away my code hack to fix this.

    Hey Booster, some help here?

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