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  • Hi guys,

    Just started to play with Woo Commerce today. Looking to build a store selling Digital Prints. At this stage I am looking to build a custom store front that functions similar to this: where jquery will display the various options and prices based on their selection (IE if they want a 15×15 portrait, they will require a 15×15 frame and not an entire list of frame options).

    However the issue that I am having is with regards to how to structure my products within woocommerce.

    Here is how the order form will be structured

    Choose Ink Type: Option 1, Option 2, Option 3
    Choose Canvas Size: Option 1, Option2, Option 3 (NOTE the cost of this will depend on the ink type)
    Color or Black/White: If Colour Add 50% to the total cost of the above x2 options.
    Finally we offer a Picture Frame based on the initial Portrait size
    EG Noframe, Frame1 Canvas Size Selected, Frame2 Canvas Size Selected

    Again the value of the frames are dependent on the size of the Canvas

    After clicking Add to Cart, I would like these to display as a single product EG Inktype, 15×15 Canvas, Color no picture frame $xx

    This seems fairly complex to me as I am new to Woocommerce I was hoping somebody would give me some advice on whether there are any plugins that would be helpful to me, or whether I should spend a large amount of time setting up grouped products and / or variations.

    Cheers 🙂

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