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    Is there any way to configure the display of the price in the product category grid screens to read something other than “Free!” (I have the price of the donation set to “0”) Ideally something like “Name your amount” and/or “Name your price”.

    Also, on the item screen, would love to configure things to read “Name your amount” rather than “Name your price” (useful for donations … it’s not really a price)


    – Fred.


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  • capecodvalet


    I found the hooks in Woocommerce to change the price display from “Free!” to whatever I want in the shop multiple-item/grid display, but I have another problem from that screen – I don’t get a place to enter an amount and if I just add an item to my cart from that screen I get a $0 item in my cart.

    Plugin Author Sean Voss


    Hey Capecod, I made it so it removes the ability to add to cart from the grid view in later versions.

    I like that the “add to cart” button was removed from grid view. Prevents users from adding to cart with default price.

    HOWEVER, in the product page, there is no button for adding to the cart. So after entering a price… nothing happens and there’s no button.

    Thanks so much, Sean! I’ll check it out soon.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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