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  • refrigeratoreddie


    Sorry if wrong forum. Am fairly new to WP and been doing sites that are generally just front-end or simple e-commerce.

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    Friend has asked for following, and not sure if WP is a feasible solution, so any advice on plug-ins etc appreciated.

    Basically, wants a site that:

    1) Allows users to login from public site to private site

    2) Private site would include e-commerce/product list (of a few hundred to a thousand products)

    3) Users would only see products that are specifically assigned to their user-category

    4) Some products would, however, cross multiple user categories (meaning, Product A, B, C would be seen by User 1, Product B, C, D could be seen by user 2)

    5) Very important that product listings remain “secure” – users must not be able to see at all any products not assigned to them (whether by accident, or guessing URL, etc)

    6) Users can then add items to a cart. They can place an order, but purchasing must be done offline via phone call (so no actual e-commerce – once order is placed, friend gets notified via email and follows up)

    There are other requirements, but this is the most challenging for me to know if WP / woocommerce (or similar plug-in) can handle easily and safely.

    Much appreciated any advice

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