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  • Sadly, I have been trying to get a simple question answered for three months and have not received an answer. I asked it through their website contact form at least 3 times and when that failed I contacted them through the plugin’s WordPress forum page. From their they suggested that I contact them on Facebook. I did that and they did not reply there either.

    My final guess is that they are avoiding answering me because they don’t want to admit the plugin is more expensive then advertised.

    Anybody know of a good photo gallery plugin?

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  • Hi 🙂

    I sincerely apologize for any trouble. We’ve checked several times and haven’t received anything at all so they appear to not be coming through that hasn’t been responded to. It could be that we’ve responded and maybe our responses are landing in your spam inbox?

    Could you try submitting under a new/different email address, please? We’ve also checked FB and haven’t received anything there either.

    We would be more than happy to assist in any way we can, we’re not sure why we’re not receiving the emails/notifications.

    Thank you. I’ll try again just to see and I will know when I send it.

    I submitted something today via your contact form

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    Apparently, your website contact form does not work. I submitted something over 48 hours ago and have not heard back. My guess would be I’m not only the one having this issue. That’s at least 4 times I submitted the question and never heard back.


    It’s been over a week and I heard nothing from you all.

    seems like the same MO as in my case. I did try to contact support too multiple times, but never got an answer
    I doubt that its the form on their site, who doesn’t work, as they didn’t answer on my refund request, through paypal, didn’t answered either
    Escalated the refund request a few days ago and hope to get my money back

    to answer your question on the first post. After the disaster with envira gallery, we bought nextgen and it worked right away out of the box perfectly

    Envira did eventually answer my questions through

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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