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    Before if I put products in the trash, when I submitted multiple auctions to be relisted, the products that were in the trash would error out and not be relisted. I could then move them to the archive. This is what I want to happen.
    Sometime recently it has become the case that if the product is in the trash, it can be relisted just fine. I then have to go through the ended auctions and find the ones that I put in the trash manually.
    Is there some way to make it act the way it did before?

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  • Hello @silverharellc.

    I am happy to assist you today.

    I can’t speak for the previous behavior you mentioned as it is not the proper way to handle removing listings in WP-Lister/WC. You should always remove listings in WP-Lister first by moving them to the archive then permanently deleting them from the archive. After that, you can list the WC products back to eBay or delete the WC products you wish to remove.

    The previous behavior you describe is not how this should be handled in WP-Lister, you should never delete WC products first, you should always archive then delete the listings from WP-Lister. Only then should you trash and permanently delete your WC products.

    Kind regards,

    Hey @silverharellc.

    I just spoke with the developer about this further.

    We are going to see if we can implement a feature to prevent a Woocommerce product from being moved to the trash if it’s still listed in WP-Lister (or maybe include a message of some kind).

    At minimum if it is currently published, it should not be possible to trash the product. When it’s ended/sold in WP-Lister, maybe we can automatically archive a listing when the product is trashed as well.

    I have assigned this forum thread over to the developer so he can have a look at this when he has some time.

    Once we progress on this, we will update you with a reply in this forum thread.

    Kind regards,



    Hi John,

    The solution to automatically archive the ended listing when the product is trashed would be great.

    This is a pretty serious issue for me — I usually remove about 40 products a month (which I accomplish with a spreadsheet import) which used to take seconds. After everything was relisted, I could just moved the errored out ones to the archive and be done. Now it is taking me over an hour to manually find the listings for products that I already trashed and archive them.

    Not being able to trash something when it is a live auction would not be my preference…ending and archiving the auction would be. I’m sure I’m not the only one using spreadsheet imports to do a lot of tasks with products.

    Thanks for your help.

    Hey @silverharellc.

    We will try and get to this as soon as we can and will be in touch once we have had a look.

    With that said, I can’t say we have had any users contact us about this because they typically end the listing or remove an ended listing from WP-Lister first, then they remove the WC product.

    Kind regards,

    Plugin Author WP Lab


    Sorry for the delay, but as you probably already noticed, this has been implemented a while ago in version 2.0.41, it only took us a while to release another update on

    kind regards,

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