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    I have https and no lazy load yet the product pictures show up in preview but looks broken/ does not show up in test emails. How can I fix that? Thanks

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Sorry, more info. SO our sys admin added info to the header last week, and I saw the image come in on an email, and so did our marketing director. But now it is gone again. I don’t understand, just sharing what I know…

    The image url is being effected by something in the send process.

    For example, this doesn’t work:


    But this does:


    Somewhere the x in the email is being changed to a symbol. My guess is this is happening on the SMTP level. Like some kind of outgoing filter.

    Sorry, I was getting notifications of responses and then I didn’t on these last couple. @britner the URLs look exactly the same that you pasted in. Is the x at the end something different and how can I see this myself?

    Also, behaviour changed this morning to blank boxes, instead of the broken image icon. I haven’t done anything to the system in the last 24 hours… But cannot speak for our sysadmin… Any ideas on what would cause that change?

    Is the x at the end something different

    Yes, they are different. You can see this yourself by copying those links, one will work and show an image and one will not.

    Nope, I don’t know what would cause the change.


    OK, thank you for your help. very minor difference on that x, I see what you mean now. I thought it was a copy/paste mistake. We’re looking at it.

    Here is what we are seeing , does this help at all. Seems like some images get the broken image icon, others get a blank box. BTW, everything is up to date, and when I sent a test email from Woo yesterday the images worked just fine, but acustomer order came through later and it’s still broken. From my sysadmin:

    ok, i’ve just checked it again. here is raw html code from email as it’s delivered to mailbox:

    <img width=”70″ height=”70″
    class=”attachment-70×70 size-70×70″ alt=”Raspberry Shake
    Original “Pi-Full” Kit” style=”border: 0; border-radius:
    3px; padding: 0; margin: 0;”>

    but, here is one more example from different message where image is not displayed:

    <img width=”70″ height=”70″
    class=”attachment-70×70 size-70×70 wp-post-image lazyload”
    alt=”Raspberry Shake 4D “Pi-Less” Kit”
    style=”border: 0; border-radius: 3px; padding: 0; margin:
    so nothing changes ‘x’.

    Notice the “lazyload” this means you have a lazy load plugin filtering your emails.


    Thanks for your continued help Ben. I saw that. However, I don’t have a plugin like that, and it is turned off in both Smush and W3TC. I’ve deactivated Smush to be sure. The weird thing about this is if I send a Test message, the images come through no problem. But when we get a message from the customer they do not. It makes no sense, the path shouldn’t be different. So at this point I need to wait for a customer order to come in to see if deactivating Smush made any difference. I also know that lazy loading was supposed to be part of WP 5.4.x however I upgraded to that after this problem started happening.

    Hello. Love this free theme.. I’m also experiencing this problem. Before it was working when in stage site. Now, we are LIVE the email notices doesn’t contain the thumbnail anymore.


    Made a test purchase just to make sure. Both from user and admin ends the thumbnails were not showing. Also tried to update the plugin to no avail. I will try to deactivate the plugin later then activate see if that would help. 🙁

    I tried deactivating the plugin the image still not loading.. I’m using EASY SMTP and gmail for the emails. before migrating the staging site (from a directory) to the live site (main) the email images are working fine. http://prntscr.com/t7x8co now i just disable the thumbnail so it wont look bad on emails to buyer.

    thanks for the great plugin!

    Hey @filmguerilla What is the url for your image? Have you looked at the email source?


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