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    Sweet plugin πŸ™‚

    But I note a problem. When we share the link of a product (for example in an email or on a social network like Facebook or others) the image does not appear in the overview. Only the title and the description appear.

    When I desactivate the plugin, all shared links return to normal (with product’s photo, title and description).

    Could you fix that ?

    And do you propose a lifetime licence for only 1 site on your PRO version ?

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Diana Burduja



    can you give me a social network link to your product page where the image disappears, so I can have a look?

    If you are interested in the plugin’s pro version, please see the plugin’s presentation page. All the available licenses are displayed there.

    Thank you for your response πŸ™‚

    Yes I saw your plugin’s presentation with different plans. Just wondered if there were some alternative or some operations sometimes. I would be interested.

    Concerning the “bug” (I dont know if it’s really one), stangely it works again with links in mail. The full overview works again. I don’t know why.

    Concerning Facebook here is what I have.

    Hi again,

    This is so strange.. now the plugin is reactivated, it seems to work both in emails and facebook overview. I don’t understand really why (maybe it was on facebook or hotmail side), but now everything seems ok πŸ™‚

    However, I notice a small display problem, on the merchant site directly. Can you check on your side when going to a product page (on the site’s url posted in preview screen shot)? Because of the sticky menu bar, when you scroll down on the page until the menu sticks, when you move the mouse over the image, it is shifted down or up . If we switch to another thumbnail, the “rail” gets back into phase. But it seems that when the sticky menu sticks or peels off, this provokes a shift in the image rail. Do you see what I mean ?

    But this is another point, maybe I should post it to another topic if you prefer ? and mark this one as “resolved”.

    Thank you for your assist.

    Plugin Author Diana Burduja


    When the page is loaded, the zoom window is built and set in the right position (next to the zoomed image). When you scroll down, the sticky header changes its height but the zoom window keeps staying in the same position. In order to solve this you can choose between removing the header’s sticky effect or upgrading to the WP Image Zoom PRO, as there the zoom window is totally differently built and the sticky header doesn’t affect the zoom position.

    Hum.. ok I see what you mean. I don’t think I’ll remove the sticky bar as it is very usefull in this kind of site. I will see with my client but I know in advance he will not agree to invest in yearly licence. All this site is built in lifetime licence Pro plugins or free ones πŸ™
    Do not hesitate to let me know me if there is a lifetime deal offer. I could buy different licences for different clients as my work is to developp sites with full lifetime licences.

    In any case thank you very much for the quick and efficace support.

    Best from France.

    Plugin Author Diana Burduja


    I’m sorry, we don’t have lifetime licenses.

    But you can use the plugin’s pro version for a lifetime, if you want. The license key entitles you to one year of updates and support.

    I don’t think there is any company that offers a lifetime of updates and support for a WordPress plugin/theme. Or, if they do, then it definitely means the lifetime of the plugin, not the lifetime of your website. This strategy can work only if the plugin closes down after 1-2 years, as with time there are increasingly less sales and increasingly more support.

    No problem, I can understand.

    Lifetime license is a strategy not widespread but yes it exists for a number of wordpress plugins, I currently use 4 lifetime licenses plugins on certain websites for more than 5 years and the companies are still thriving.

    These licenses are offered on plugins which do not require evolutionary updates in terms of functionalities, but only updates of adaptations to the evolution of the core of WordPress, which is different from plugins which require constant evolutions in term of feature where there indeed an annual license is more appropriate. And generally, the price of the lifetime license is 4 to 6 times the price of the annual license which allows to massively and quickly finance the development of other basic and not very scalable plugins but very useful for wordpress.

    In fact it all depends on the work done on the plugin and its roadmap.
    If the essence of a plugin stay relatively stable with no more constant additionnal feature, trust me you’ll find some lifetime licence plugins. Furthermore plugins which evolve little or not at all in terms of feature are rarely renewed from year to year. They are mainly renewed at times when big WordPress updates are made.

    But don’t worry about that, this is not a problem for me. I adapt to the needs of my clients πŸ˜‰

    And thanks again for your consideration.

    Plugin Author Diana Burduja


    Could you point me 1-3 companies that offer lifetime licenses? I’ll send the links to my boss for a possible research.

    We’ve discarded the idea of lifetime license, as it was never even clear whose lifetime is it meant by the word? The plugin’s lifetime? The company’s lifetime? The lifetime of the website on which is installed? Or the lifetime of the customer? If the lifetime license is 4-6 times the annual license, is there any guarantee for support for the next 4-6 years?

    You see, WordPress plugins have a lot of dependencies that constantly change. Starting with more stable environments like PHP version, Apache/nginx settings, browser versions or WordPress core to very unstable environments like other plugins or themes. There are constantly some incompatibilities to solve with a plugin/theme. Or with a sticky header, as in your case.

    When buying a standalone object, there are usually very few compatibilities that need to be taken into account (for example, if you buy a toaster, you want to make sure the power plugs fits the French standard). But with WordPress installing another plugin five years later that doesn’t perfectly work with our plugin will already require support and fixing.

    So far we’ve had little changes to make to the plugins during a WordPress core update. The biggest effort is to make the plugin compatible with a plethora of galleries, lightboxes and theme features.

    A former colleague works at a company that offered a lifetime license plugin 5 years ago. Later they changed to our license model. Even nowadays there are customers from 5 years ago asking for support and fixing things.

    Maybe you can point me to some companies that offer lifetime licenses. I’ll open the discussion about it with my boss.

    Of course, there are quite a few but I will give you the ones I have personally acquired. Sorry in advance if my english is not perfect.

    Lifetime license means access for the customer to future updates of the plugin without time limit and access to the support. Sometimes the lifetime license is valid on an unlimited number of sites (but not always). More simply lifetime means that there is no annual renewal. The customer pays a single price and has access to all future updates and support.

    So the only limitation of duration is the eventual closure of the company or the developer which would not be able to be maintained, but generally I buy only from recognized companies or developers who have proven themselves over time and who have a lots of clients.

    CSS HERO :
    Powerful CSS customization tool to completely revamp a website. It also allows you to export all the CSS code after fully customizing the website to create childthemes. License acquired in 2015. Valid for all future updates and on an unlimited number of sites. The license has been sold to several hundred (maybe now thousands) of clients. Besides, there is an incredible price right now.. cheaper than at the time I bought it :/

    COMING SOON & MAINTENANCE MODE (the PRO version of Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode) :
    I know WebFactory since 2014 but they are present on WordPress since 2012. The Pro lifetime license is valid for one site only, but again, futur updates and support are included with no time limit. For more sites there is the Agency Lifetime licence.

    I made a sprain to my rule with this plugin because it is very recent and I bought it this month. But it has a great potential and a launch price for its lifetime license that smashes everything. It is a starting price offer for this new project. Codeer team will likely raise the price soon. It is a plugin for managing media files by creating categories tags. A very clever system which will certainly put in tuning fork all the complicated plugins of media files management which goes through the creation of directories or FTP clients which greatly complicate the life of clients.

    Here we have a theme (or rather a themes pack) dedicated to artists and musicians. Again the lifetime license means future updates without time limit, access to support without time limit, and unlimited number of sites. The price has dropped further from my original purchase. And again, several dozen of thousands of customers.

    I got some others but I think these are some good exemple.

    But again it does not matter if you do not offer this type of formula. I don’t want to force you into anything. I understand perfectly if you do not decide to propose this kind of plan and I respect it fully.

    I don’t know the development of your plugin, nor if it has a precise roadmap or if it is globally finally completed (except the updates that you mention as the adaptation to the wordpress core, to the compatibility of other plugins or php, which I agree remains a real maintenance job). I discovered it recently and it matched with what we searched, a more simpliest and effective plugin for woocomerce product photos because others like NextGEN or YITH Zoom Magnifier which are too heavy for what we need.

    Feel free to use all these info as you want dear Diana, and I whish you a beautiful day/night.

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