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  • My product images are distorted – I’m not sure what dimensions to upload as the original file.

    I am using Woocommerce for my products.

    I am uploading a product of this size: 415px x 415px. (via WordPress >> Media).

    Under my settings I have the foillowing dimensions set: Large: 600, Medium 300, Small 150.
    i can see in FTP > under uploads folder that my original image is there and also 3 more compressed ones with following file suffix: img300, img150, and img90.

    However, my shop image product at full size renders at 450 x 450
    and a smaller version at around 250 x 250px

    I’m confused as to what is going on here?

    Does Woocommerce have its own dimension settings?
    Or is it supposed to use the generic ones set in Media settings?

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  • further to the above…
    Its Safari browser which is rendering my 415×415 px shop image at 450x450px.

    In Firefox it is not distorted (Firefox actually renders at 364×364), but I am happy with a scaled down size – just want to avoid a scaled up size.

    I suppose I could do a work-around and just upload larger size.

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