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  • Hi, I have tried various free woothemes as well as non-woothemes and it is still the same problem ie no title tag in the product images on the archives and catalog pages. Which means when you hover over the thumbnailthere is not the expected title.

    I have looked at the theme demo on woothemes and they have this title tag so there must be something missing from my files which I’d like to put back in if someone knows where to do it?

    I have looked through loads of files and searched the internet but just can’t fix it myself.

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  • Roy Ho


    Perhaps you should post the URL so we can see.

    It is (roseandravenbeauty dot co dot uk)

    Thank you.

    Roy Ho


    Ok, when you uploaded the image for that product, there is a section to enter the TITLE and ALT attributes. Did you do that? Although it would be strange you didn’t because even so, I believe it automatically adds the default…But can’t hurt to check it.

    Hi, thanks for taking a look. Yeh I tried filling in the Title, caption, alt, description…then filling in one and not the others in turn as well.

    Roy Ho


    That is strange indeed…Did you modify anything?

    No! I even deactivated all plugins except woocommerce. I don’t suppose it is a big problem, I don’t want to spend too much time on it but it is strange. I also deleted and reinstalled woocommerce, didn’t make a difference.

    are the titles set on your images in the media library?

    Yes. Title, caption, alt all filled in. Looking at the demos it seems to me the alt and title tags are the same as the image name but I can’t find where the code is. I can understand a little PHP but not enough!
    Also I noticed another odd thing, when you hover on an image it changes and the other images fade. This doesn’t happen on the demos.Could it be a JavaScript or is that pure CSS?

    no, css can’t do that. it’s possible javascript could, but doubtful.

    I checked my sandbox site, and the title is missing as well.
    (alt is there, title is not)

    I dug into the plugin, and the function used to call shop thumbnails is
    if ( has_post_thumbnail() )
    return get_the_post_thumbnail( $post->ID, $size );

    this should be adequate, but it seems that something must have changed either with wp3.5 or wc 1.7… Not sure which.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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