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    Hello everyone,

    My client has an issue with their WordPress 3.6.1 site running WP E-Commerce and GoldCart. Either they or their webmaster updated the version of WordPress but didn’t update the other plugins, and now there’s an issue with a ThickBox script being triggered that displays a progress bar and hangs forever whenever anything is clicked on the product editing page.

    I’ve seen only one other post about this concerning TB_load after a WordPress upgrade to 3.6.1 and it’s not in this plugin support forum, and it hasn’t been addressed from what I can find. If anyone has a fix to this issue, please let me know so I can help my client continue to update their site.

    I know that the simplest troubleshooting would be to update ALL the plugins that need updating, but before I do this and possibly cause even more conflicts, I thought I’d post the issue here first. Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated!

    Active plugins are listed below if that helps.



    Auto Featured Image
    Version 1.2 | By Ka Yue Yeung

    Auto Post Thumbnail (update available)
    Version 3.2.3 | By Aditya Mooley

    BackWPup (update available)
    Version 3.0.12 | By Inpsyde GmbH

    Gold Cart for WP e-Commerce (update available)
    Version 2.9.3 | By

    MailChimp Widget
    Version 0.8.12 | By James Lafferty

    Post Types Order (update available)
    Version 1.5.7 | By Nsp Code

    Related Products for WP e-Commerce
    Version 1.9.4 | By Visser Labs

    Shadowbox JS (update available)
    Version | By Matt Martz

    Version 2.4.5 | By Michael Torbert

    Slideshow Satellite (update available)
    Version 1.3.4 | By C- Pres

    Store Locator
    Version 2.5.1 | By Viadat Creations

    WP e-Commerce (update available)
    Version | By Instinct Entertainment

    WP E-Commerce Dashboard (Premium)
    Version 4.0 | By Lee Willis

    WPide (update available)
    Version 2.0.12 | By Simon Dunton

    Version 1.0 | By Instinct ent.

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  • Hi, same problem here with version 3.6.1 and e-Commerce And I did not do anything since last time it was working fine. I have no idea what happens! I will better learn php and never use WP again since it’s an amateur solution in all aspects. And regarding e-Commerce plugin, I would never pay a cent for it.

    OK.. The problem for us has been fixed.

    We updated ALL the plugins that had new versions, including WP E-Commerce and GoldCart, plus deleted the 78K+ comments and now the products are completely editable and we can even add new ones too.

    NOTE: Apparently the issue had begun before the update to WordPress 3.6.1.

    Hope this helps others in the same predicament.


    Hi Fresh2012, I’m glad you worked it out. I did the same thing (except for updating wp ecommerce & grid view) and it did not solve my problem.

    Disqus Comment System Versión 2.74
    Easy Contact Forms Versión 1.4.7
    W3 Total Cache 0.9.3
    WordPress SEO Versión 1.4.18
    WP e-Commerce Versión
    WP e-Commerce Grid View LITE Versión 1.0.1

    A Quick fix for this, which is work for me.
    go to
    go to line 316, and comment the following line.

    /* jQuery(“a.thickbox”).livequery(function(){

    My product able to update without any problem. I am not sure any side effect from now.

    Hi shiroamada, thanks for your help but it did not solve my problem. Still waiting for help: hopefully the Get Shop Boys get bought by Microsoft and release a stable version.

    I finally solved the problem by updating e-commerce plugin to version I always try to evoid this as I make a lot of changes in this plugin’s files, but there was no other solution. It now appears to be working fine.

    I’m having this same issue but when I update my my wp ecommerce it solves this but then causes my fancy box and variation boxes not to work i don’t know what to do.

    shiroamada – surprisingly this worked for me. Thank you very much.

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