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    To the developers,

    Website in question:

    I need some help with the eCommerce Product Catalog software – FWIW I am absolutely loving it & how I think it will work but need some support, also knowing I am not that experienced with wordpress but I am getting there.

    1) How can I fix my URL access to the product catalog?
    When I am in wp-admin, Products > Product Settings – I change it to
    Product listing URL: http://bundameernurseries.com.au/products/
    When I access that address it comes up blank.
    The products come up under;
    I don’t really want the blog in the url and I can’t figure out why it is happening.
    The individual products come up as: ../blog/products/cookianum-ivory-streak/

    So to break that down -:
    a) How can I get the URL to look like ../product/cookianum-ivory-streak/
    b) Why does nothing come up on ../products/ .. Is it possible for it to display the categories?

    2) Product Attributes -:
    I know how to set product attributes and I like the functionality, as you can see with the example;
    I have made my own manual HTML table. The reason I don’t use the product attributes is because I want to have 9 or so, but obviously when you set product attributes it comes up over the image and looks messy.

    So to break that down.
    a) How can you disable product attributes appearing over the image.
    b) Is it possible to style the attributes? Where do I find this file.

    3) Why are only 4 products showing up?
    To use the phormium category as the example. You can see four products are on display yet there are 7 under that category. I can’t find any settings in wordpress or any reason why more don’t show up. I am not sure if its because my theme is limited? But even if it just displayed say 8 phormiums on the pages category but then had a “page numbers underneath” and it was like a catalogue that would be fine.
    I am running:
    WordPress 3.8.1 running Twenty Twelve theme.
    You can see on the home page:
    On the right hand side under the contact form that 7 phormiums are listed and the links are all active when I open them up in wp-admin.

    I am so sorry for the long post or query but was hoping if I was detailed in my explanation it would make it easier.

    As I said I love the software. I love the display and how the images come up under category and I love the product attributes for what I need to do 🙂

    Kind Regards


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  • Plugin Author ndre


    Thank you for your interest in the plugin.

    1) Your configuration is forcing in some way to show products under the /blog/ as you can see your products appear in http://bundameernurseries.com.au/blog/products/.

    Version 1.2.0 has a [show_products] shortcode. If you place it on /products/ page it should display products.

    But it will not solve you category and product url issue. I’m afraid it will be impossible to solve it without looking into your WordPress installation. It is out of the scope of support forum however you could try contacting an impleCode worker to assist you further.

    2) Version 1.2.0 has the attributes disable option. I think it will solve your issue.

    3) Please go to WordPress settings > reading and change the “Blog pages show at most” setting. It should help, however in the future version there will be an option to manage this also separately from blog posts.

    Thanks ndre,

    Upgrading to 1.2.0 fixed the attributes issue. Also changing blog pages shown helped.

    I might contact them RE the url issue.

    When I tried to place the [show_products] into the text box on the product page in wordpress it didn’t do anything. Or do you mean editing the page through an ftp manager?

    Really appreciated you taking the effort to help mate.


    Plugin Author ndre


    You should put a shortcode in text box of a page. For the test please try to put it on different page for example: http://bundameernurseries.com.au/about-us/

    and then on any blog post for example http://bundameernurseries.com.au/blog/2014/01/20/world-exclusive-ivory-streak/

    Does it show products on both of them?

    Didn’t work on either. It just comes up blank.

    *** Also should quickly ask if there is a way to sort via alphabetical order.



    Plugin Author ndre


    For now there are no sorting options. It will be added in the future versions.

    For the shortcode and url issues I’m afraid I can’t help you without looking into you WordPress installation.

    Plugin Author ndre


    Anyway try using shortcode with category or product IDs for example [show_product category=”6″] or [show_product product=”5″]. You can find product and category IDs when you hover on it in admin panel.

    I just found that a shortcode without category or product IDs can show an empty div. It will be fixed in the next version.

    3) Please go to WordPress settings > reading and change the “Blog pages show at most” setting. It should help, however in the future version there will be an option to manage this also separately from blog posts.

    I will wait that option very much. Is this happening soon or in unknown future? Right now, if blog shows 5 blog posts per page, plugin also shows 5 products per page and there is no any “Next page” or “Previous page” links.

    Thank You for good plugin, but it needs some improvements for every day use.

    Plugin Author ndre


    It will be ready with the next update which will occur on friday or monday.

    Plugin Author ndre


    bundameer – version 1.3.0 shouldn’t show your product catalog in /blog/ directory. There are some tweaks added to the plugin so WordPress shouldn’t force it anymore.

    We also added another features, such as:
    1. Number of products showing in listing can be managed from product settings
    2. There are now next and previous page links
    3. The shortcode is now fixes

    This makes your problems solved.

    And my problems too, thank You very much!

    Plugin Author ndre


    You’re welcome Digitohter!

    Unfortunately there is a critical bug. Option “Product listing shows at most x products” overwrites WordPress reading option “Blog pages show at most”. For example: when I set 7 products per page, blog will also show 7 posts per page.

    Plugin Author impleCode


    Thank you for the bug report.

    It will be fixed in 24h.

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