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  • Joost,
    Thank you for creating this helpful tool. I have been wondering what the best format is to phrase my keywords for the Yoast SEO Plugin. When I enter my keyword as “product” “city and state” (for example roofing Dayton OH), the plugin only recognizes this in the content, title, and other areas when it is an exact match. So when I say something along the lines of “We provide quality roofing in Dayton, OH,” the plug in does not pick up on this and recognize it or find my focus keyword in that particular content section. What I was wondering is, am I better off using a format that will sound more conversational for my focus keyword? The format of “product” IN “city , state” (for example making my focus keyword roofing in Dayton, OH). That way it does register and recognize that keyword in the content, meta description, page title, etc. when I type a phrase along the lines of “We provide quality roofing in Dayton, OH” So I guess to simplify my question, I’m wondering whether adding that additional “in” and a comma between the city and state would hurt my SEO at all or if it would cause my website to only show up in results when the person searching types in that exact same search query (using the word “in” and adding a comma between city and state). Perhaps I’m just being a bit overcautious, but I definitely wanted to find out what you would recommend. So far, this Yoast SEO Plugin has been extremely useful (and so has the Yoast SEO tutorial article), but I just want to make sure I’m going about this in the most-effective way. Thank you very much for your insight. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!


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