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    i have a wired bug..

    I did change the a Productcategory name .. but how the products
    are still showing up under the old name and the new name
    so have have double content .. is there i way to get rid of the old link ?

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  • Hi, it depends when you are redirected to old link, i don’t recomend to delet it beocuse if someone came form google to old link he will still see a product google will update thoes links after index check. Just check your site if you doesn’t have old hyperlinks to old links.


    no i dont think thats the problem :/

    the problem seems that i woocommerce/or wordpress
    just has the same item under 2 urls now.. because i renamed the Catagory. But i can finde a way to get rid of the old Catagory 🙁 so i have now 2 links to the same product.

    Plugin Support RK


    Have you resaved your permalinks? Are you using any caching plugins?

    Yes i have resaved permalinks and cleared the cache … but it shows still the products
    under the old name category and the new name 🙁

    Did you delete product transients and recount terms at
    Dashboard > WooCommerce > Status > Tools

    The old link may be saved as an “old slug”. Booster:
    has a “delete old slugs” module.


    no i didnt… but then i delete the Transisents doesnt this break the site in anyway ?

    No, they are temporary storage only and WC will make new ones from scratch.

    Ok… i did it .. still 2 products under different url categories 🙁
    ( and ofc i cleared the cache just in case )

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    Did you also run the delete old slugs module?

    No… for this i would need to install jetpack… right ?..

    – activate
    – Dashboard > Plugins > Booster > Settings
    – Emails & Misc section
    – Old Slugs module, settings
    – Enable module, save
    – click the “Remove Old Slugs” link

    The tool will tell you how many old slugs it has removed. Hopefully it will be at least the one we are trying to get rid of. If not, we’ll need to think some more.

    After running the tool, you can deactivate Booster and delete it if you want, though it has an arsenal of useful features.


    ok i did install the plugin and actived the old slug module .. deleted all old slugs
    but the site is still there 🙁

    OK. You’ve not told us what other plugins you are running. I think the thing to do is to temporarily deactivate all of them except WooCommerce. Deactivate – don’t delete, that way plugin settings will be retained.

    See if the problem has resolved. Reactivate one-by-one and test to try to identify the plugin which is causing this.


    hmm you think this is a plugin conflict ?..

    ok but before i do that.. what normaly is happing then you rename a product category..
    ( so just so i know )

    Ok .. i found something else !

    so .. here the example :

    old product category names was ” apples-fresh ”
    new one is ” fresh-apple”

    both links work

    so i just tried to make a 404 error and change in the browser

    but for some reason i dont get a 404 error it just loads the product normally ..
    why ?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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