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  • I am attempting to migrate my OSC store over to wordpress/woocommerce.

    Problem is, I HAVE to preserve the url’s from my current OSC store. I have to much SEO, years of it, to demolish what I’ve built up, backlinks, ect.

    With the Custom Permalinks plug-in I can set my product urls without a problem.

    But, I can not do it with the woocommerce product categories. The custom permalinks option shows on the product category when I got to edit it, but after editing, the permalink does not change. Another person has mentioned this before, without a reply.

    I can change the permalinks for wordpress categories, but NOT woocommerce product categories. Any one know why? Something I can edit to fix this?

    I realize it’s not the best route, but I don’t have a choice, I need to keep my url’s.

    Any one know how to do this? If it’s some how possible?

    This is the ONLY thing left for me to switch over, so it’s quite frustrating.

    Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!

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