• Hello all, thank you very much for reading my post and for taking the time to assist, I have 2 issues as follows

    On the product category page, the categories are misaligned on the first row. I am using the category shortcode to display all the categories. They used to display fine a few months ago however I am checking it now and realized it is misaligned, possibly after some wordpress updates

    #2) There was padding/spacing between each category, after I updated the woo commerce template file for the product cat.php file it removed the padding, can anyone advise on how to add it?

    URL: http://europastylefurniture.com/browse-our-deals/

    ### WordPress Environment ###

    Home URL: http://europastylefurniture.com
    Site URL: http://europastylefurniture.com
    WC Version: 2.5.2
    Log Directory Writable: ✔ /home/solouusz/public_html/EuropaStyleFurniture.com/wp-content/uploads/wc-logs/
    WP Version: 4.4.2
    WP Multisite: –
    WP Memory Limit: 256 MB
    WP Debug Mode: –
    Language: en_US

    ### Server Environment ###

    Server Info: Apache
    PHP Version: 5.4.43
    PHP Post Max Size: 8 MB
    PHP Time Limit: 30
    PHP Max Input Vars: 1000
    SUHOSIN Installed: –
    MySQL Version: 5.5.45
    Max Upload Size: 2 MB
    Default Timezone is UTC: ✔
    fsockopen/cURL: ✔
    SoapClient: ✔
    DOMDocument: ✔
    GZip: ✔
    Multibyte String: ✔
    Remote Post: ✔
    Remote Get: ✔

    ### Database ###

    WC Database Version: 2.5.2
    woocommerce_sessions: ✔
    woocommerce_api_keys: ✔
    woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies: ✔
    woocommerce_termmeta: ✔
    woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions: ✔
    woocommerce_order_items: ✔
    woocommerce_order_itemmeta: ✔
    woocommerce_tax_rates: ✔
    woocommerce_tax_rate_locations: ✔

    ### Active Plugins (8) ###

    EWWW Image Optimizer: by Shane Bishop – 2.5.9
    Hero Menu: by Hero Plugins – 1.8.2
    Profit Builder: by Sean Donahoe – 1.8.0
    Revolution Slider: by ThemePunch – 4.5.01
    WooCommerce: by WooThemes – 2.5.2
    Wordfence Security: by Wordfence – 6.0.24
    Yoast SEO: by Team Yoast – 3.0.7
    WordPress Visual Icon Fonts: by Paul van Zyl – 0.5.7

    ### Settings ###

    Force SSL: –
    Currency: USD ($)
    Currency Position: left
    Thousand Separator: ,
    Decimal Separator: .
    Number of Decimals: 2

    ### API ###

    API Enabled: ✔
    API Version: 3.1.0

    ### WC Pages ###

    Shop Base: #63 – /shop/
    Cart: #64 – /cart/
    Checkout: #65 – /checkout/
    My Account: #66 – /my-account/

    ### Taxonomies ###

    Product Types: external (external)
    grouped (grouped)
    simple (simple)
    variable (variable)

    ### Theme ###

    Name: PBTheme v3.0.6
    Version: 3.0.6
    Author URL: http://www.imsuccesscenter.com/
    Child Theme: ✕ – If you’re modifying WooCommerce on a parent theme you didn’t build personally
    then we recommend using a child theme. See: How to create a child theme

    WooCommerce Support: ✔

    ### Templates ###

    Overrides: pbtheme/woocommerce/archive-product.php


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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley (a11n)


    I’ve seen themes from themeforest which break shortcode output due to having custom shortcode handlers.


    I think this may be the case.

    Thread Starter webtexas99


    I see, the one im using in not from theme forest, but either way how do I fix it?

    thank you very much for replying as well

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley (a11n)


    Can you switch and confirm that is indeed the issue?

    I cannot give you a quick fix; it various per theme. If it’s what I think it is, thats bad practice for a theme to do.




    How was the problème solved ? Because I have the same issue: the word “product” is misaligned in the cart page. I dont know what is the category shortcode you mentioned below, so I dont know if thats causing my issue.

    Please post the url for your site.



    The issue was fixed ! Maybe by an update, I,m not sure. Thanks anyway.



    Oh… never mind, the issue is still there

    I was looking at my website cart page using Firefox, which doesnt seem to present the issue I mentioned. However, its still there when using IE.
    Site URL: https://bibleostervald.org/en/bible/page/2/?v=8bd3913839ea

    just add something to the cart to be able to see it as shown in this screenshot

    Help please

    Please enable right click so the markup can be examined with browser tools.



    @lorro right click is enabled again.

    This should restore the position of “Product”:

    .shop_table th.product-name {
      position: static

    To give the empty cells a background color, try:

    .shop_table thead th {
    .shop_table thead tr {

    Remember to flush W3 Total Cache.



    Thank you @lorro for your help.
    When I pasted the code in my child them functions.php file, it crashed my site.
    Please let me know where is the correct place to past the code you wrote:

    .shop_table th.product-name {
      position: static
    • This reply was modified 7 years, 4 months ago by Johanna.

    The code is css, and custom css is entered at:
    Dashboard > Appearance > Customise > Additional CSS



    So I tried what you said, and since I have a plugin to add css code I pasted it there as followed and saved, though the problem remains:

    Do you have another idea of a css code that may work ?

    I think the code should be OK, the problem is Simple Custom CSS is putting it in the page too early and this style is being overwritten by what comes later. Try putting the style in the theme-child style sheet or:
    Dashboard > Appearance > Customise > Additional CSS
    should be good.



    I pasted the codes in the theme-child style sheet and it worked.
    Thank you lorro ! So much we can do with knowledge in coding, I want to learn.

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