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  • Hello,

    I am working with an existing Woocommerce theme and am currently plotting out the best way to setup the shop and products.

    I have created a parent category Artists with a child/sub-category of Artist 1. This child/sub-category has two child/sub-categories Exhibition 1 and Exhibition 2.

    The structure is essentially –

    – Artist #1
    — Exhibition 1
    — Exhibition 2

    I want to display the products associated with the sub-sub categories (‘Exhibition 1’ and ‘Exhibition 2’) within the associated parent category page – ‘Artist #1’. Each sub-sub category (‘Exhibition 1’ and ‘Exhibition 2’) must display the associated products as a group, including the sub-sub category heading and description.

    I have got so far as the following –

    Artists OK. Showing thumbnail/cover for each sub-category.

    – Artist #1 Incorrect. Products not displayed, only sub-sub category thumbnail/covers.

    How can I go about setting up my pages and products to display the products in the sub-sub categories, grouped with their associated sub-sub category headings and descriptions on the parent category page?

    I can view and display them seperately no problem here and here but cannot figure out how to display them on the same page.

    I can also manually create the same effect with shortcodes seen here but this exists outside of the ‘Shop’ framework and isn’t a suitable solution.

    Can anybody offer some advice on how to go about achieving this?

    Thanks in advance

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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