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  • The product categories in V3.2 do not display as a grid with the images as they did in V2.9.5.6 even though the product list view in store settings is selected as grid.

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  • this is good information but how do you explain MPlite 29.5.6 worked fine with clean retina. Displayed categories as grid with images just fine. See for example of 29.5.6 with clean retina theme. So what changed in the MP pro v3 that was released to the public. The only thing I can see is the use of two menus not one. And in in 29.5.6 you can use the drop down menu in the products section to select all the products in a category for editing and you can’t do that in v3. Somehow this change in the process between the versions has caused clean retina to revert to the list view.

    Could a function be placed into clean retina functions to force the MP archive php to be used in place of whatever clean retina is using? And can you pinpoint where in the functions this loop is occuring? or help with a function to transfer process to the archieve php that MP uses?

    I could switch to woo commerce but don’t like that plugin as I constantly see vulerabilities showing up in their plugin or themes on the wordpress vulnerability database site. Or securi is sending out notices.

    So where is this custom archieve page supposed to be found. I can’t see it in the plugin files.

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    Hi @flyfisher842,

    MP 3.0 was rewritten from scratch but it still uses WP practices for changing archive pages and that something Clean Retina doesn’t handle well.
    I did a test on my installation with “Enhanced Category Pages” plugin that allows you to edit category pages and this plugin works fine on default WP themes but it also doesn’t work with Clean Retina theme which points to the theme being the issue here.

    You can create custom template for MP categories page by creating mp_category.php file in your child theme root folder but you will need to check with the theme devs about what code needs to be added in there in order to override theme default behaviour.


    Thanks for the information. What I am still confused about is why 29.5.6 worked fine with the Clean Retina Theme but not 3.0. I am assuming the 29.5.6 also used WP standard practices. So what is so different between the two versions. Did you try 29.5.6 with clean retina on your test bed. Maybe there is something different in my production site that is making it work ok. I mean I have not had one issue on my production site with 29.5.6 and clean retina. I have not done this but I could download the clean retina theme from my production site and install on my test site to see if there is some change from my production version from the current download version of clean retina.

    You said you had looked at the functions file for clean retina. Where in the functions file does it handle the categories issue. I will take a look and see if I can make any sense.

    re v product categories admin menus drop down select the category to update menu. This menu disappeared in v3 and I believe that is the cause of the clean retina theme not showing the product catgories in a grid. Where in is the code block that makes that admin drop down menu so I can add it to a child of the v3 and test this out.

    Will you supply the code block please?

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