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  • Hey all,

    I am new here, since I have a problem where I just can’t find an answer to (my theme support guys had no idea).

    I am currently building an ecommerce website with wordpress – I purchased a wordpress theme (“Mayashop”). This theme supports multiple different widgets. To establish the ecommerce functions, the theme runs with the popular free “woocommerce” plugin.

    However, the woocommerce plugin falls short in terms of some functions, which I am in need of.

    The core problem is that the woocommerce plugin does not allow adding customized descriptions and widgets to its product categories (it is also not seen as a page by the Mayashop theme, so one can also not add in any content over the theme’s menus). This means, I can’t have an individual page design per product category (e.g. I could not have a (SEO) description text in the woocommerce product category “A” and another one in the woocommerce product category “B”).

    So I am in need of being able to add widgets, text etc. to each product category separately.

    As I have said, I have done a lot of research and to me there are 2 potential ways of achieving this:

    1) Either one is able to implement the woocommerce product categories into the Mayashop Theme so they appear as simple pages — then one could simply add widgets etc to each category. (this does not work with the product category shortcodes, as then pagination and user sorting is not supported…I have tried this)
    2) By somehow modifying/creating the woocommerce product category template, so it is flexible.

    Am I on the right track? I don’t have any coding knowledge…so I have no idea how designing this custom template would work…and how it is even possible.

    Any feedback or ideas are welcome!

    Thank you all so much,

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  • i’m new too,
    Please help me edit and layout homepage (MayaShop theme). I want a home like Demo site and add more row of Products.
    Could you give me some details intructions? I’ve shortcode, so where do i put theme to get my layout?
    Thank you.

    Moderator cubecolour



    Mayashop is a commercial theme so is not supported here. Please ask your theme vendor for support

    Thank you so much.

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