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  • Hi, firstly, I would like to say what a great plugin woocommerce is and that I will be donating as a result, but before I do that, I was hoping someone could help me solve these two problems..

    They have only occurred recently, since I changed my WP theme.

    1) All the Woocommerce product pages seem to have a transparent background and it looks kind of odd compared to the rest of my site, how do I go about changing this to match the rest of my website?

    2) On the Woocommerce product pages, my sidebar seems to stay where it should (as in on the right) but it drops underneath the products, how do I go about fixing this problem?

    For reference of the problems, my website is:

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    I have had a google and cant find any working solutions for the background.
    I found a temp fix for the sidebar but after I update or change anything, it seems to just revert back…

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  • Hi, The css validator is showing lots of css errors on your page, which is a worry:
    1) For eg a light grey background, try
    #primary {background:#EFEFEF}
    in your css.
    2) Looks OK on my browser, but the effect you describe can happen if the widths of the 2 columns adds up to more than 100%. Rounding errors sometimes take you just over 100%. May be able to do better if you can resolve the parse errors in the css.

    I was not aware of all these errors…

    As I’m not too clued up on coding I don’t even know what half of them mean, so what should I be doing here?

    Going to each error line and delete it?
    Or would this cause more problems further on?

    I obviously want this sorted and would prefer to learn how to do it myself for future reference.

    Most of those errors occured because of your theme’s incompatibility with woocommerce.
    As you can see in the list, most errors are for non-existing selectors!

    For example, your “side-bar” issue is also another style incompatibility.
    In your theme, the main/content-area is a div named “primary” and it has no value for width thus makes it full-width. That is why your side-bar is no more placed in the side, but placed in the next line which is bottom.

    Just to see how the “width” effect in these 2 div-s, you can put a css-code like
    #primary{width: 70%;}
    #sidebar {width: 28%;}`
    in your style sheet and see that they are now replaced side-by-side.

    For further editing, you can use browser tools such as Firebug for Firefox or built-in web-developer functionality of Chrome. You can check your site and change the values of css-selectors and see the changes on the live site.
    Later you can make those changes in the style sheets…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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