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  • Hi, I want to protect some areas of my site from the public. That should be no problem – The problem is that I have some pages that SOME user should be able to acces, and OTHER pages that OTHER users should be able to acces. Of cause these users are not allowed to watch the pages of the other groups.

    I’ve forund plugins that protects pages in LEVELS, but since these users are on the same level I cant use them.

    Are there any Plugin or smart way of portecting the pages? Right now the pages are subpages to a password protected page, but as soon as you have been to the page once, you can fetch the URL and no pass is required anymore.
    I could password protect ALL the pages in the group, but it will tage forever.

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  • It would also be OK if the USER could see the parent-page and all the childs were protected by the same password (only having to type the password once)

    I don’t know of any plugin that can do this (this does not imply that it’s not somewhere out there). Technically this is somehow difficult to do for pages (if not impossible with WP 2.0 for now).

    For posts it’s not that hard and I’ve written a plugin called Post Restrictions ( that would fullfil the functionality you’ve requested minus the password protection.

    Im now looking at a combi of “Page Access” and “Page Restriction”, but it is not perfect.

    I want some pages to be open to the public, but “PageRestriction” REQUIRES all viewers to be logged in.

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