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    Well, I’ve searched, and I’ve seen people talking about how to STOP WordPress from automatically turning double line breaks into HTML paragraphs, but nobody seems to want to do that MORE.

    I just want the content on static pages to behave like the content in other posts – is that so much to ask? 😉

    Right now, when you add content to a Post, you can separate paragraphs by a double line break and WordPress works it wondrous magic – voilà, paragraphs are separated by the <p>tag in the site. But if you add content to a Page, it doesn’t do that.

    All well and good, because I can see how you might want to avoid that, but how can I get WP to process ‘Page’ posts like ‘Post’ posts?

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  • The content of Post and Page are treated the same by WP, as far as I know.
    Is this not CSS-related issue? Check the source code and see if the paragraph tags are inserted or not.

    It’s definitely not CSS. I checked the source, and it’s formatted just as I did in the form, i.e., there is a blank line between what should be paragraphs. But no <p> tags.

    What plugins do you use?
    Do you have link to the website?


    Because as it turns out I’m looking at the home page which is pulling in page content using – TA DA! – the include page plugin. If I look at the actual PAGE instead of that home page, it shows up correctly.

    Now I still want to use that handy plugin, but at least I now know where to search.

    Thanks Alphaoide!

    ps- The site is still under development (and it’s for a client), so for the moment I’m not going to link to the site until I REALLY need help. (Likely any day now… 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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