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    Hi Nicolas,

    Thanks again for this great plugin!

    I have a 3 column pricing table, each column has a button at the bottom of the column (very standard). For some reason, the Processing… text / jumping dots ALWAYS shows up in the FIRST column only, no matter which of the 3 buttons was actually clicked.

    This is really not ideal in mobile, where after the Stripe modal, the person is thrown back into the (VERTICALLY STACKED) specific column / button that sent them to Stripe, and they CAN’T SEE the Processing… text IS ACTUALLY DISPLAYING BUT in the FIRST pricing column ONLY, which in mobile is way at the top! So they are blindly sitting there waiting with no feedback on if anything is happening, which is bad UX.

    I can see in chrome dev tools that every one of my 3 buttons in its column has this code:
    <div id=”loadingDS” style=”display:none;”>
    When I click off display: none; I can see the Processing… text / jumping dots inside EACH column next to its Stripe button.

    SO, now I just need the Processing… text / jumping dots to show up after the Stripe modal NEXT TO THE BUTTON THAT WAS CLICKED so the person can see that something is happening, NOT next to only the first button column, that the person would not see in vertically stacked mobile.

    Thank you for your help πŸ™‚

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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