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  • We’re using FeedWordPress on a WP multi-site and ever since the upgrade to v3.5.1 posts seem to randomly retire… There is no obvious pattern that I can identify as sometimes it’s just a couple of them other times loads more, sometimes at night or during the day, and it will affect older entries as well as more recent ones.

    We’re using WP multi-site and just one of the sub sites is experiencing this – the primary domain, if that matters at all. In the DB the post_status is changed to fwpretired (note: FWP) and thus they disappear from the front end.

    I am pretty sure it’s the FeedWordPress plugin as I have found function process_retirements() in wp-content/plugins/feedwordpress/syndicatedlink.class.php that has the following line:
    [line:361] set_post_field('post_status', 'fwpretired', $p->ID);
    Not quite sure what this function does exactly, but judging by the name I’d say is retires posts (duh!). But why is that?

    There is also an if loop on line 292 –
    if ('yes'==$this->setting('tombstones', 'tombstones', 'yes')) : , that also seems to retire posts: set_post_field('post_status', 'fwpretired', $p->ID);.

    What exactly is the point for these actions? Is it a bug or is it expected to work this way? Still, this does not have the desired result.

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  • I have the same problem. Using bulk actions i send all retired post to the trash status, then i empty the trash box. Bulk actions works fine only when les than 200 post are selected, tris means that if You have 2000 post on the retired status, You must perform 20 deleting actions.
    I want to find a way to full empty the retired status. I tried using some clean data bases plugins, but they don’t show the status retired.



    @akae this plugin creates a retired status, this isn’t a WordPress standard status. I am also interested how to control the retirement functionality…there is very little on the Internet regarding that part.

    Ditto.. we are having pages randomly set to retired status… pages that weren’t created by FWP (we use it for posts only). Any progress on this?

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