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  • I am in need of the step by step process or a link to the process I need to do to design a new site to replace an existing site. I already have a website that I am no longer happy with. I want to create a new site on my own computer and then upload the files to replace the existing website.
    In order to redesign and create the site I need a list of processes required to do this.
    Do I need to create a Static Ip address?
    Do I need to ENABLE MOD_REWRITE?
    I will be using an existing webhosting business so I will not use my own server.
    Can anyone direct me?
    Thank you in advance.

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  • Musebelts ! Welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress.
    With a tiny bit of effort you will be on your way to a simple and elegant blogging solution.

    To start I suggest you check out the detailed pages here

    1. Requirements : (Yes. you need MOD_REWRITE)

    2. Next steps are available at this Codex page :

    Also most web hosts now provide auto install scripts for WordPress. Check with your web host about this.

    Have Fun!

    Thank you for your kind response.

    Since I am just creating but not hosting my own site do I need to create a server within my own computer?
    If I do that what do I set my IP address to? My own IP address or another IP address that is a few number off?
    I am running LINUX and the setup process is quite a bit more.

    If you just want to run a site on WordPress, you would not need to create a server on your own computer, unless you want to develop your own themes and plugins.

    As I see from your post you want to migrate an existing site to WordPress, a quick and simple way to do this would be to run a WordPress appliance on your machine, which should set you up with a self contained installation of WordPress to do development in.

    If you are using Linux, you might already have the necessary software (Apache + MySQL) installed on your local machine. If yes, you can also follow instructions here to help you setup WordPress on a server manually. The instructions are for a web server, but you will find that they work the same on a local Linux installation as well.

    I appreciate your response and expertise. Your response will help me save much time.
    I will be using Themes and a plugin I purchased. I want to create the site on my computer than upload to my webhosting servers via Filezilla.

    Thank you again for your patience and time.


    Musebelts – also remember that the content of your site resides in the database and the wp-content folder (this is where your themes and plugins sit, as well as any images/media you upload). So when you’re ready to take what you’ve developed locally, remember to follow these instructions so you can migrate your local WordPress development to the actual live server that will be serving up your site!

    Do I need FTP to install a theme and its associated Plugin onto WordPress that is installed locally on my computer? I have tried to upload a Theme that I purchased and the WP Dashboard asks me for my FTP credentials.
    I am simply trying to install a Theme and a plugin on to my locally installed WP. I know I will have to use an FTP when I upload my files onto my hosting servers.


    If you are using a local installation, just copy the theme files into the wp-content/themes directory.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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