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    I’m currently setting up a shop for a friend using WooCommerce. My friend has a non-profit company that helps disadvantaged national (USA) and foreign (Turkey, Mongolia) artisan women sell their handmade jewelry using the concept of fair trade. These women lack the resources to market their products to an international audience.

    What my friend would like to do is to implement a system in which a person can request a kit that contains products (jewelry) from the shop and then sell these products to earn a percentage of the profits. These kits would only be given to people who have legitimate reasons to need the profits — for example, a person who wants to raise funds for another non-profit organization; or to donate to needy families. The idea is that selling the jewelry works as a sort of fundraiser because the person selling the kit products makes money towards a personal goal. The rest (and majority) of the profits would go to the artisan women who manufactured the products.

    What we need is a plugin that can store the payment information for the person who requests a kit for their fundraisers, but do not charge the person who requested the kit unless they fail to perform said fundraisers or decide to keep all the jewelry for themselves. This would act as a sort of insurance to make sure people use the kit for what it was intended for.

    Does anyone know of a plugin capable of doing this? A workaround would be to use a subscription plugin. The subscription plugin can store payment information, charge only when the store admin requires it and charge as many times as needed. However, I’m wondering if there is a more optimal solution as the fact that the person can unsubscribe beats the entire purpose of acting as insurance.

    Any advice or input is welcome! Thanks!

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  • You might look at a payment gateway such as that allows you to set the transaction to “authorize” instead of “authorize and capture” — the difference being that authorize simply authorizes a charge to be potentially collected at a future date ( where the future date can only span so far into the future before authorization expires). Capture means “get the money now” so the card would be debited immediately.

    Thanks for your answer!

    Do you know if you can do this in a per product basis?

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