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  • Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 244482 bytes) in /httpd.www/xx/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php on line 4

    And this line of code is placed on line 4:
    $plugin_data = implode( ”, file( $plugin_file ));

    Now as you enlightend people may understand… I am a newbie on this lovely language of php and no programmer at all. I am extreemly grateful to all of you that let me use your stuff. Thanx!

    I have this problem now that when I try to add an plug to add extra functionality I get the messege above. I have read some where that it is possible to add more memory but I cant remember where and how…

    This is the technical info of my site:

    System Information Scan

    Operating System : Linux
    Server : Apache
    Memory usage : 14.76 MByte
    MYSQL Version : 5.0.32-Debian_7etch5-log
    SQL Mode : Not set
    PHP Version : 5.2.6
    PHP Safe Mode : On
    PHP Allow URL fopen : On
    PHP Memory Limit : 16M
    PHP Max Upload Size : 12M
    PHP Max Post Size : 12M
    PHP Max Script Execute Time : 30s
    PHP Exif support : yes ( V1.4 )
    PHP IPTC support : yes
    PHP XML support : yes

    Now, I can see that memory limit is 16M I am using 14,76M so… how do I expand the Memory limit?

    thanx for helping!

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  • whooami



    this is your box, i take it? edit your /etc/php.ini.

    I have made a search before I posted and I did not find anything that could help me solve the problem.

    One of the main problems with altering the php.ini-file is that I cant find it!

    Is it in the wordpress installationfolder? or is it a file that is controlled by the host?

    I have tried several other ways and all ways to altering the .htaccess file has coused an error.

    Thanx whooami for helping!


    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    It’s often in /etc, but to find out, make a file ending in .php, and have

    <?php phpinfo() ?>

    in the file. Execute the file (either from the command line or browser) and the location will be in the output.

    This seems to be on a level where I have no access.

    I have a sce on a webb-hotel and I have only access to the installation of the wordpress root folder and I cant find any etc-folder or file in there…

    if it is in the root folder of worpress… where is it?

    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    Sorry, I saw where Whooami thought it was your machine.
    None of this is in WordPress. We’re talking about /etc, which you can’t get to since you don’t own the server.
    If you want to increase the memory limit, you need to contact your hosting provider.

    Michael Torbert


    WordPress Virtuoso

    What plugin where you trying to add? That function should take very little memory.


    I just started to look over the plugs since I am using more than 14 megs out of 16 w the ones I have so it seems tha I have a plug that takes more memory than it should.

    So, I have to ask the hosting provider for more memory…


    Thanx and I’ll be back!

    Best regards

    И напишу для русских пользователей.
    Есть 2 решения:
    1. Найти файл php.ini и изменить значение параметра memory_limit с 8М на большее, например 24М.
    2. В файл .htaccess добавить следующую строку:
    php_value memory_limit “24M”
    Если ни один из способов не сработал – обращаться в службу поддержки хостинга. Если и это не помогло – менять хостинг на человеческий.

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