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  • I was quite eager to try the add media functions in v2.5, but it seems either I am missing something or there are some fundamental problems.

    Add Video
    This seems fundamentally broken. I cannot believe that any user would expect that this would only create a link to a video rather than embedding the actual video. (The only good news seems to be that using YouTube’s embed code now works in a post without needing to use a plug-in like Easy Tube.)

    Add an Image
    While this works–and the ability to upload multiple images is a plus–the interface to produce even basic functionality seems to have taken a step backwards. Case in point: I wanted to upload an image and have it right-justified with text wrapping around it. I had to go through no less than three dialogue boxes to achieve this.

    Step 1: A box for uploading the image and adding ALT text.

    Step 2: Requires the user to then click on Gallery for the ability to edit ALT text again, plus set image link, size and basic justification. (I am not sure why this can’t be rolled into the first step and I am not sure why all the options for justification can’t be included here.)

    Step 3: In order to get the text to wrap, I then need to select the places image, click on the Image button, which pops up a dialogue box similar to what we had in the previous version, which gives the kind of control over the image that SHOULD be in Step 2. And, oddly, the justification selected in Step 2 is not reflected in this dialogue box.

    With 2.5, it’s suddenly more clicks and LESS intuitive than it was before to perform a pretty basic use of an image in a post. It really does seem like at least one of these three steps could be eliminated. In the end, I can get what I want, but now it’s more involved than it used to be, with a workflow that is not at first obvious.

    Add Audio/Add Media
    I have not tried these yet, but fear that Audio will produce similar results to video. And it’s not entirely clear what “Add Media” is for. (Flash content? Something else?)

    But my real issue is with video and these extra steps in just using simple images. Unless someone can show me that I am missing something here. Any help welcome.

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  • digfrogint, I concur.

    I tried out WP 2.5.0 and the new image upload system has several issues. I likely won’t upgrade to 2.5 until they are fixed. I like using Flexible Upload with WP 2.3 better because it…

    • is faster, no need to open up a modal window to go looking for images
    • fits on one screen, to get to the the button for saving the image in WordPress 2.5, you have to pick up the mouse and scroll down
    • is more flexible, you can specify the size of the thumbnail on the fly
    • defaults can be changed, unlike WP 2.5.

    I am having a great deal of difficulty with 2.5 in uploading any youtube videos. I have been trying to debug it for hours and am ready to migrate backwards. This is frustrating!

    I am having big issues as far as images go, I preferred the old method of uploading images to my blog, with the new add media way I can’t even use ie7 because the upload box is stuck at the bottom. Switched to Opera and that solved the problem but now to insert an image in my blog. I have to upload it using the add media option but with Opera or IE, I can’t seem to insert it in my blog, where is that button?

    I think that WP2.5 have loose with the add media issue.
    The version before with the Flexible Upload goes quite well, but this one is like a fake.

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