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  • I’m using YARPP to list related pages on my site. I use this plugin to set page categories. I’m setting one particular page to the category “Exclude”, and set YARPP to NOT pickup pages with that category.

    If the pages is already set to Exclude before I install YARPP, it’s cool. If I install YARPP and then edit the page, set the category to Exclude, YARPP will continue relate the post.

    Is is possible this plugin might have something to do with it?

    I posted on the YARPP page and they said install/reinstall YARPP, which like is said, does make it pick up the category, but that doesn’t really solve the whole problem.


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  • Plugin Author curtismchale


    Yes it could have something to do with it, since this plugin adds pages to all category based queries.

    I’m not sure how YARPP does it’s query but my plugin hooks pre_get_posts and if it does it after YARPP tries to exclude it, my plugin could include it again.

    If that is the case then one of us would have to change the priority so that my stuff runs before YARPP which in theory would mean YARPP would be the last query.

    Thanks, that makes sense. I know a little about php. i was hoping i could go thru the code and “up” the priority and see what happens. but I don’t see anything that would allow me to do that, although i don’t really understand the code.

    Any suggestions on how i could get it working (or at least experiment)?


    Plugin Author curtismchale


    I’d have to dig through the code of YARPP and my code to see where the conflict is.

    I’m currently waiting on a new baby joining my family (tomorrow is the day) so the likelihood of me having any time in the near future is slim.

    I have logged it as a ‘bug’ on Github though so it’s on my radar at some point.

    Wow, good luck with that! Been there done that a few times. you have no idea, until tomorrow.

    I’ll disable the plug-in for now. Let me know what you find/if i can run tests etc..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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