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  • I just recently purchased a hosting account through BlueHost and it came with the full version of WordPress which Im using. I have been struggling for 2 days to put a shopping cart up. I used the WP Ecommerce plugin. My products and such will show up on the page…but the little shopping cart widget is empty and the BIGGEST issue is….I attached my working Google Checkout (Or Wallet as they call it too) and it dosn’t work! My site is I have looked over EVERY tab and nothing seems to be missing….CSS and coding is not something i’m versed in btw. I have filled out the Google checkout thing with my merchant ID and Key (both correct) and placed it from “sandbox” to “production”. Somehow the Advanced Theme Settings got transfered over to my Theme Folder…all of them…if that’s the issue. I dont know what that does exactly and i didnt’ touch any of them. The firsttime i had this installed on my site the shopping cart widget worked….now it dont

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