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  • I’m having issues using this plugin with WP5.3 (and 5.2 before that, I think).

    The issues are:
    1. the clears are no longer indicated visually in the admin area when using the blocks editor.
    2. button title is missing when using the block editor.
    3. when using the classic editor with WP’s classic editor plugin, the first two issues were gone but the br tag seemed to be replaced with other tags in the admin (I don’t think I tried saving the result, but I’m pretty certain I saw it being replaced with an extra body tag and later with a textarea).

    I tried removing and reinstalling the plugin, but it didn’t help.

    @tyrannous, could you please check if the plugin needs fixing?

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  • By the way, I’d like to also suggest a new feature for this plugin: please add a “Clear Floats” block type in addition to the TinyMCE button. I don’t think a plugin that does that already exists, but it’s obviously the same functionality, so having it as part of this plugin would make perfect sense.

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    Plugin Author Philipp Bammes


    Hi @erku,

    unfortunately, the plugin is currently not compatible with WordPress 5.* (see the Tested up to field in plugin header). That’s why the you are experiencing the mentioned issues.

    Of course I want to make it compatible with WordPress 5.* but I currently have absolutely not ETA.

    Regarding adding the feature as a Gutenberg block: I don’t see any sense in this, as the plugin is only useful in the legacy TinyMCE editor and not in the block editor.

    @tyrannous my reason for the Gutenberg block was that I tried placing several “Classic HTML” blocks one after another, and to my surprise, they didn’t clear floats. Because of that I think it does make sense to introduce a clearing element as a type of block.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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