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    I’m having some major issues with WordPress 3.2.1 including:

    — Cannot add pictures directly to blog posts anymore. Have to use html instead of adding directly as in previous versions.
    — Quick edit button does not work. Cannot change author of posts.
    — Cannot tag articles. When I put tags into the tag box and hit add nothing happens.

    Anyone have suggestions as to what is going on and how it can be fixed?

    I didn’t have any of these issues when using 3.1.3 prior to upgrading.

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  • I checked that link and these problems are exclusive of what is listed. Any other suggestions?

    The most likely causes are bad plugins or an incompatible theme. Try re-uploading all files & folders – except the wp-content folder – from a fresh download of WordPress.

    I’m experiencing the same issue with not being able to insert pictures directly into posts any longer. Have checked source code and img tag syntax seems to be lacking. Does this appear correct?

    <img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-2984" width="300" height="225" />

    As a follow-up, this is what the img tag looks like from a post prior to upgrading to 3.2.1:

    <img class="size-medium wp-image-1067 " title="IMG_1306" src="" alt="Standing on Lake Geneva" width="300" height="212" />

    Yep I can’t insert pictures into posts, can’t change the author of a post and can’t add tags.

    Are you having any of these problems as well?

    Just double-checked and found that I can add tags and I can change the author, just not able to insert images.

    I’ve reset/disabled all plug-ins and changed the theme to Twenty-Eleven as suggested in a number of forums, still no luck.

    I might try spinning up another vanilla instance of 3.2.1 to see if the image insertion issue still exists.

    I went through and deactivated and re-activated each of my widgets one by one and think that I determined that my Disqus comments widget was the culprit. Everything else works fine now without it enabled.

    I followed suit with you Kris and it appears it was a widget of mine as well. Haven’t enabled any of them yet to determine the exact culprit, but I’m able to insert images into posts now.

    I followed esmi’s advice and disabled all Plugins… No Go, then I switched to Twenty-Ten and the errors didn’t occur to me anymore.

    I could insert images etc..

    My Problem now is that I know that the problem lies in my theme but where do I start trying to fix it??

    I have the same problem!! the image insert popup does not…popup! and my site has become very slow overall ever since the update!

    wish i’d never updated wordpress now 🙁

    WordPress FAIL

    A few plugin upgrades have exposed a serious issue in the file wp-includes/capabilities.php. The file never includes the file pluggable.php, that defines the function wp_get_current_user(). The WordPress Amazon Associate plugin just crashed a few sites (including mine) by calling this function, only to find that it was undefined!

    To make WordPress aware of the definition of that function, add this line:


    to wp-includes/capabilities.php. Add it directly after the first comments and before any class or function definitions. That will repair all issues about calls to an undefined function for getting the current user.

    Someone needs to get this out right away, and push another update.

    I ended up redoing my theme on base of TwentyEleven Source and after 3 hours work everything works.

    A LOT quicker and great..

    I’m having this same issue — cannot add tags when creating a post.

    I thought about doing it through Quick Edit on the Posts page — but when I click “Quick Edit,” the post disappears from the display.

    I really do not feel like uninstalling the whole theme or deactivating plugins… but this is incredibly annoying.

    I deactivated the Social Discussions plugin, and that fixed it. A shame… I really liked that plugin.

    I’m experiencing many of the same issues. Unfortunately, I have 10 sites that need to be upgraded and can’t afford to spend the time to modify every theme.

    Already tried inactivating all plugins and that didn’t work. I also tried using the Hotfix plugin that has helped in the past, but no-go. This is a major issue as I have customers who maintain their posts and if the image insertion, quick edit and tag addition doesn’t work, I have a big problem. Hopefully the WordPress community can release a patch or update soon.

    This “problem” is affecting two of my sites and I’m very nervous about updating any more of them.

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