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    Hello Good day can you help me with a problem I updated my WooCommer store to the latest version and some functions are not working correctly

    for my store I am using woocommerce-shortcodes and url that call the store’s functionalities for example:


    My store is built under these conditions, I do not use the original structure of the store as a detailed product or the category section

    I use a personalized and integrated structure to the contents of the site I send a URL like this built the section of my products

    the condition that I have to use as an obligation for it to work
    the woocommerce-shortcodes and the url is the activation of the ajax that I do have it active, but it seems that it is not loading correctly

    image url describing the problem


    The problem I see is that it does not come from the Mercado Pago because the tests that I carry out directly on the product detail page pass without problems. This is a URL of the product detail page:


    To perform the tests, I must first clear the cache because the ajax is cached and this makes my tests pass when I try to use the woocommerce-shortcodes and url

    can you help me please all my store is compromised with the last update, I make an important comment directly, the error is not observed until doing a debug and something happens that the ajax does not load it correctly when I use the woocommerce-shortcodes and urls.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    This kind of problem is usually caused by a conflict with your theme or with another plugin. The best way to determine this is to:

    • Temporarily switch your theme to Storefront
    • Disable all plugins except for WooCommerce
    • Test to see if the issue has been resolved

    If you’re not seeing the same problem after completing the conflict test, then you know the problem was with the plugins and/or theme you deactivated. To figure out which plugin is causing the problem, reactivate your other plugins one by one, testing after each, until you find the one causing conflict. You can find a more detailed explanation on how to do a conflict test here.

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    Hello maykato, I really appreciate your help.
    I already did everything you tell me and I still have the problem, I even tried several different themes and only with the woocommer plugins, I already checked with the payment market, who I have the payment method with and they tell me that it is a problem of the wordpress.

    each time I introduce myself more in the problem and I see the following.
    the js that is responsible for loading the add function
    _to_cart is not loading it, especially when I use the shortcodes for WooCommer, it has to do with the latest version because I have been using the Shortcodes since 2019 and there had never been any problem with this.
    I keep looking, my site is compromised because basically the design of my store is based on the use of Shortcodes and especially on the use of urls

    Berg (woo-hc)


    Hi @imacinglestotal

    I tried to check the issue, but your site seems to be facing a server failure:

    Let us know when the site is restored, so we can try to help you move forward.

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    Sorry!, I forgot to activate all the plugins and the corresponding theme.
    the page of my products is the following




    Hi @imacinglestotal,

    >the page of my products is the following

    When checking that page I found the products in the first row work when I click on the “Add to Cart” button.
    However, the following 3 rows don’t work on the first attempt.

    product Page
    Link to image: https://snipboard.io/ogiQZq.jpg

    When checking the target link I found the products which don’t get added to the cart in the first attempt have a different target URL format.

    This format works…

    This format doesn’t work on the first attempt…

    Can you please have a similar target URL format for all those products and see if it solves the issue?

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    I really appreciate the help you give me with my store, you’re right, I already saw this detail for this page if the URLs should have the same consistency in the URL

    Although I must also explain due to the fiscal situation, the payments of the products or services are divided into 2 different payment market accounts, Woocomer is not capable of simultaneously maintaining 2 accounts of the same supplier, so it split the project into 4 stores, 2 of which subscribers and 2 for tuition, which already have a regular payment and do not need to capture all the data from the form that subscribers.

    Recheck if the URLs point correctly to the store that corresponds to them, each store handles different IDs that are the same product descriptions.

    Thanks again for your observation.

    I hope to see if this solves the problem if I can close this post.

    Berg (woo-hc)


    Hi @imacinglestotal

    I have checked your links and can confirm that @shaonback2 observation is correct. The ‘/inscribete-b/’ path is what’s breaking the links.

    Please remove the ‘/inscribete-b’ path from your “Añadir al Carrito” buttons’ links on your page https://www.itto.com.mx/imacpruebas/pagina-de-ejemplo/. This will get them to add products to the cart again.


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