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  • Since my skill with either coding nor CSS is not exactly wonderful, I have taken a particular theme which I have then started to alter to fit the design I had in mind. That, unfortunately, also had some downsides, as I had to find and alter everything in such a way that was usable for me.

    Fortunately though, the entire Blog design is ready, apart from one particular problem. I cannot seem to get graphics in the widgets in the sidebar the way I want them to and it is driving me nuts.

    The idea is simple; each widget needs to consist of a top, main and bottom (all three with a graphic background), with the main holding the content, the top holding the title and the bottom meant for the finishing touches. The top and bottom have both got a fixed height and width, while the main only has a fixed width. Since I am most probably only going to use the most basic widgets, it is all fairly straightforward stuff.

    However, I have only been able to change the title of the widget. The body either does not work, or WP takes the entire bar to the left and gives it a background. I cant get the bottom to even work. I have searched the entire themefiles, but I cannot seem to find the code responsible for generating the widgets. The only thing I can find is a dynamic sidebar in the themefiles, but apparantly that isnt active since it doesnt work (even if you remove all the code there, the blog still works fine).

    The link is

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  • In the call that you have for register_sidebar (or register_sidebars) you can pass an array of arguments – before_widget, after_widget, before_title and after_title. You can define the arguments thus: `”before_widget” => “<div class=’widget-container’>”, “before_title” => “<div class=’my-theme-widget-top’>”, “after_title” => “</div><div class=’my-theme-widget-main’>”, “after_widget” => “</div><div class=’my-theme-widget-footer’>…whatever you want…</div></div>”
    This should take care of things

    First of all, thank you very much for the help and the very quick reply!

    So far, I have indeed been able to add the footer to the widgets, but for some reason, when I do the same for the main part of the widget, I still get the same error as before (the background over the entire row, even if the widget in question is already done). It seems that the background starts when it is initiated and ends only at the last widget (at the footer part).

    Also, another issue arose. Apparantly, what I didnt realize before, not all of the widgets use the same style. In the code, seperate widgets have been declared for the pages thingy, RSS thingy, the search widget and the tag cloud widget. Of those three, I think I am only using the search widget (unless the pages and the RSS thing refer to the RSS feed button and the pages functionality in the blog itself). According the code, this is to override the standard widget so that it is “more like the style of the blog itself). I have made a different image for the search widget, which is actually rather important in the design. However, for some reason or another, the search widget is now also affected by the widget-footer. The strangest thing is; only by the footer. The widget-main starts at the next following widget. It look kind of weird right now.

    How can I solve this?

    bump! anyone that might know?

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