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    I have been waiting for better mobile support for a while as I run my blog exclusively from my iPad. The fullscreen mode on the visual editor is a wonderful idea, but it breaks when the iPad keyboard pops up.

    Also modal windows are never scrollable as the iPad chooses to just scroll what’s behind the modal window. This makes using the theme customizer, editing images, previewing themes, previewing plugins, etc very difficult because all of those things use modal windows.

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  • Also, when trying to create or edit a post or page on the iPad the toolbar moves and becomes fixed in the middle of the screen causing a host of issues

    Andrew Ozz


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    Yes, the onscreen keyboard in iOS is really really broken. When it is open, the whole screen gets partially “frozen”. Android works much better. There was an effort to make the fullscreen mode work better on iPad in 3.9, however the experience would not be as good as on Android until the keyboard is fixed in iOS. You would still need to close the keyboard from time to time to “un-freeze” the browser so it can refresh the screen.

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    In case it was unclear, the issues is the iOS keyboard, not nessecarily WP (you can experience the same issues with almost any site with a long form editor – even front end comments!) on any browser on iOS :/

    It would be possible, however, to make the text editor HTML5 based when iOS or Android is detected. This script (, for instance, implements HTML5 and Twitter Bootstrap to make a wonderful WYSIWYG editor. Someone could make it into a plugin which could work, but I think it would be nice if WordPress supported iOS natively since the app sucks so terribly and I’d rather use my browser anyway.

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